Tako Tako Talks

Tako Tako Talks is a podcast where the hosts talk about society, culture, mental-health through art, literature and other creative human expressions. Their bickering will take you on a journey down their brains, and perhaps those who’re now bound in the past.


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episode 10: #9 Feminism and hypocrisy

In this episode the hosts, Eidde and Koi talk about Palequin Bearer, a poem by the first female governer of India Sarojni Naidu. The hosts discuss how her poems are evasive to a more empowered society and their hot takes on her works. Tune in, to know more. 


 2022-09-06  29m

episode 8: #8 Dream on Dinner

In this episode the hosts talk about the book "Dinner List" and pick up little aspects from the book and explore how it affected their life. May it be friends, romantic afflictions or more, everythign is touched upon- and ofcourse the usual banter.


 2022-08-27  31m

episode 7: #7 So done with Normal People

Head bumps with dogs, rather normal. In the second part of normal people- Eidee reads Normal People and we catchup on how this book sits in her existence. We go over things like what are the major differnces of the two charcters who love each other. Discussing each aspect and our usual commentaries on the world of words.


 2022-08-16  24m

episode 6: #6 So normal its abnormal

Here, the hosts discuss the novel "Normal People" they go through extracts of the book which inpire them, thgey see how the normal people are well, so abnormal. 


 2022-08-16  29m

episode 5: #5 People are Dada, Dada is Dada.

This Episode is the continuation of Tristan Tzara manifesto as our hosts dig deeper into the dadist poem and diction by picking out tmthe dadaist poems which they found intriguing. They try to give a read, but more like end up shouting out the poetry. They have both named the female dada poets and writers who were important namely Jean Arp, Beatrice wood and more. At the end of the Podcast they formulated their own fun conception of dada- as it all dada, as dada is nothing and everything...


 2022-07-26  21m

episode 4: #4 Francis and Francise

Our fourth episode is about a letter written by F. Scott Fitzgerald to his daughter on how to deal with the cutthroat world and work your way through people but not limiting yourself. It's a beautiful yet fun read of Sequesters which is very much like Fitzgerald. We get a glimpse of his love for his daughter as he advises her about the ways of the world and how to come up with a relevant coping mechanism...


 2022-07-19  21m

episode 3: #3 Daddy issues Ft. Silvia

Covering the poem Daddy by Silvia Plath, the hosts go deeper into the intricate relationship dynamic of a parent and child. Explore this multifaceted and rather dark history with the hosts!


 2022-07-09  33m

episode 2: #2 You get Dada, and you get Dada! -finger guns-

During Dadaist moment, the artists essentially came up with theirs own understanding of the world by overthrowing societal norms and judgment and defining the New Age in Literature with a solid Diction which goes above the head onto saying What is Dada? It's Everything and Nothing and Nothing and Everything, a concept which is still prevalent in the present day and shuts the traps of freaks in society. This episode plays with these concepts and more!


 2022-07-07  31m

episode 1: #1 Just The Slightly Selfish Keats

This episode explores the relation of John Keats with his friend Benjamin Bailey, digesting specific themes throughout the letter, all the while creating parallels from their relation to how this conversation may apply to the modern relations.


 2022-07-05  18m

episode 1: Tako Tako Talks [Trailer]

This is the trailer of Tako Tako Talks- The Culture, Art, Literature Podcast.


 2022-05-28  2m
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