Tales from the Stinky Dragon

A D&D actual play podcast in the midst of its second campaign! Join us in the world of Grotethe —a dark domain ruled by vampires, ghosts, and other monstrosities. Four adventurers get tangled up in a murderous mystery that not only threatens peace across the lands, but perhaps their very lives! You can also go back and listen to where it all began in our first campaign - The Tale of The Infinights! Dungeon Master Gus Sorola leads these band of misfits - Barbara Dunkelman, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger, & Blaine Gibson - in "Tales From The Stinky Dragon"!


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h16m. Bisher sind 126 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 6 days 11 hours 35 minutes


Karcasuuk Coup - Between the Tales - C02 Ep 19.5

Using their newly acquired skills, the party travels through the Plains of Ignus in hopes of finding a way back to Karcasuuk!



episode 19: Karcasuuk Coup - C02 Ep 19 - Sphoenix From The Ashes

The party attempts to interrupt High Lector Mish Nomer and Pharaoh H’Dee’s ritual!



episode 18: Karcasuuk Coup - C02 Ep 18 - ...Delightful Assassins, Grifters, and Rogues!

The party sneak their way through the Horduum fortress and into the perilous Pyramid of Ontiq!



episode 17: Karcasuuk Coup - C02 Ep 17 - Cloak and...

The party recovers the Book of Everfall from the Dreathmoth and hastily make their way to the Pyramid of Ontiq!



episode 16: Karcasuuk Coup - C02 Ep 16 - A Long Tome Coming

The party follows a lead and searches L’Himz Library for the mysterious Book of Evenfall!



episode 15: Karcasuuk Coup - C02 Ep 15 - Red Letter Day

After helping out the shopkeepers in Cah-H’rion Canal, the party comes face to face with a blood elemental!


 2023-08-16  1h27m

episode 14: Karcasuuk Coup - C02 Ep 14 - Bazaar Turn of Events

The party makes their escape through Boneesh Bazzar and into Sh’la Turr Seaport to secure boats to take further into the city!


 2023-08-09  1h3m

episode 13: Karcasuuk Coup - C02 Ep 13 - Mummy's the Word

The party reach the desert city of Karcasuuk and learn of a false pharaoh that has taken control of the city!


 2023-08-02  1h23m

Menace of Maschatten - Between the Tales - C02 Ep 12.5

Stranded in the desert, the party must use their new skills to get back on track to Karcasuuk!


 2023-07-26  1h20m

episode 11: Make the Ghost of a Situation - C02 Ep 12

After defeating Eddie and calming Draghast, the party escapes the collapsing dragonne den!


 2023-07-19  49m