Tales from the Stinky Dragon

A D&D actual play podcast in the midst of its second campaign! Join us in the world of Grotethe —a dark domain ruled by vampires, ghosts, and other monstrosities. Four adventurers get tangled up in a murderous mystery that not only threatens peace across the lands, but perhaps their very lives! You can also go back and listen to where it all began in our first campaign - The Tale of The Infinights! Dungeon Master Gus Sorola leads these band of misfits - Barbara Dunkelman, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger, & Blaine Gibson - in "Tales From The Stinky Dragon"!


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h15m. Bisher sind 137 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 7 days 8 minutes


episode 25: Gems of Glrrb - C02 - Ep 25 - Secrets And Summonings

The party uses their newly learned skills to search for Jaques after leaping from a train and into a spooky forest!



episode 24: Gems of Glrrb - C02 - Ep 24 - Break The Moold

The party discovers the Moold and must escape the Underglob before being trapped there forever!



episode 23: The Plunder Of Underglobula

The party fights their way through the maze of the Underglobula and discovers a large crystalline grotto!



Infinight Infirms Pt. 3

The Infinights fight not so Lil Jimmy and the Externs. Will they continue the cycle of revenge or will they choose to break it? Check out the first campaign over on stinkydragonpod.com or support us over at stinkydragonpod.com/first!



Infinight Infirms Pt. 2

The Infinights traverse the mirror world and fight some very familiar enemies? Check out the first campaign over on stinkydragonpod.com or support us over at stinkydragonpod.com/first!



[Second Wind] Infinight Infirms Pt 1

Jon, Barbara, and Micah talk about the crew that creates Stinky Dragon, what's been happening with Stinky Dragon Adventures, and a competition to determine the best Risinger!


 2023-10-24  20m

episode 1: Infinight Infirms Pt 1

In this special three-part mini-campaign, the Infinights are back! Years after Gum Gum’s wish and settling into their new lives, the party receives a mysterious birthday invitation! Check out the first campaign over on stinkydragonpod.com!


 2023-10-24  1h7m

[RTX 2023 LIVE] Apparition of the Aria!

Live from RTX 2023! The party wakes up in a theater with a haunting song playing within its walls while investigating a missing person case! Watch the video version of the panel at stinkydragonpod.com!


 2023-10-17  1h38m

episode 22: Gems of Glrrb - C02 - Ep 22 - Honest Maze Work

The party traverses Underglobula in search of the Moold!


 2023-10-10  1h24m

episode 21: Gems of Glrrb - C02 - Ep 21 - Swept Under The Slug

The party helps extinguish the Sphoenix’s flame set ablaze in the city of Glrrb!


 2023-10-03  1h30m