Tales from the Stinky Dragon

A D&D actual play podcast in the midst of its second campaign! Join us in the world of Grotethe —a dark domain ruled by vampires, ghosts, and other monstrosities. Four adventurers get tangled up in a murderous mystery that not only threatens peace across the lands, but perhaps their very lives! You can also go back and listen to where it all began in our first campaign - The Tale of The Infinights! Dungeon Master Gus Sorola leads these band of misfits - Barbara Dunkelman, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger, & Blaine Gibson - in "Tales From The Stinky Dragon"!


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Arrested in Attro City - Between the Tales

On the train ride to Maschätten, the party uses their time to rest up and hone their skills!


 June 7, 2023  1h8m

Menace of Maschatten - Between the Tales - C02 Ep 12.5

Stranded in the desert, the party must use their new skills to get back on track to Karcasuuk!


 July 26, 2023  1h21m

Gems of Glrrb - C02 - Ep 25.5 - Between The Tales

The party uses their newly learned skills to search for Jaques after leaping from a train and into a spooky forest!


 December 5, 2023  1h6m

Passé in Perrish - Between the Tales- C02 - Ep 33.5

The party wakes up at the base of an unfamiliar mountain and must find The Alchemist and Carol!



episode 1: Arrested in Attro City - C02 Ep. 01 - The Arrest Is History

In this newest tale from the Stinky Dragon, a new party of adventurers try and figure out how they have landed in Attro City prison.


 April 26, 2023  1h0m

episode 2: Arrested in Attro City - C02 Ep. 02 - Once Upon a Crime

Roll the clocks back! Let’s find out how the party got themselves arrested in Attro City!


 May 3, 2023  1h14m

episode 3: Arrested in Attro City - C02 Ep 03 - Worst Chase Scenario

With help from the Alchemist, the party breaks out of jail and figures out a plan to clear their names.


 May 10, 2023  1h31m

episode 5: Arrested in Attro City - C02 Ep 04 - Give It the Old College Spy

The party follow a lead and explore the Alchemist and Wulfman’s alma mater, Lofton College.


 May 17, 2023  1h36m

episode 5: Arrested in Attro City - C02 Ep 05 - Parliament to Be

The party catches up with Hamlord and discover another twist in this murder mystery!


 May 24, 2023  1h31m

episode 6: Arrested in Attro City - C02 Ep 06 - Alchemist the Mark

After discovering a secret room and a secret lover of Lorenza, the party visits the paramours’s home.


 May 31, 2023  1h22m