Tales from the Trough

We came here to wreck everything and ruin your life. God sent us.


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Tales from the Trough - Episode 7

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 2017-12-24  1h11m

Tales from the Trough - Episode 6

Tonight's Moribund Morsels: 1. A Brief Discourse on Proletarian Struggle, Feminine Archetypes and the Rightful Administration of Justice 2. Unsolved Pissteries: The Foreskin Walker 3. Ein Völk, Ein Reich, Ein Strasse ????NULLA????INGENII????HABES????...


 2017-12-11  56m

Tales from the Trough - Episode 5

You there! Where's your shame? Put down that Jack 'o Lantern and pick the candy corn off your pecker. Tonight is the Holiest of nights! Hurry now! Before the Cryptokeeper sees you! The Trough beckons! It's time for your big Halloween debut!...


 2017-10-31  3h6m

Tales from the Trough - Episode 4

The Ovenmen are hemorrhoidaly humbled to present to you, our diverse delegation of distinguished dunny-divers, with yet another gonorreian grab-bag of gangrenous gallows-gags. Check your tucks! Strap in your pinksleeves! Gird your loins for a...


 2017-10-02  1h53m

Tales from the Trough - Episode 3

We are pleased as punch to present our panoply of precious poopy pals with a peerless publication of perspicacious pint-sized parables! In this particular podcast, we ponder the peculiar preoccupations of the primeval past! The premise of this profane...


 2017-08-20  1h41m

Tales from the Trough - Episode 2

It is our great honor to invite you, our lovely, lecherous listener for yet another sybaritic slosh in the shivery shallows of our Trough. This evening, we turn our browneyes forward---to Man's fantastic Future of transcultural tolerance! This tome...


 2017-08-20  2h4m

Tales from the Trough - Episode 1

Welcome... to Tales of the Trough. A collection of horrific short stories, hand selected by the Crypto-Keeper and presented by the Troughman himself, for your enjoyment. We thank our sponsors for their support. The stories: 1. Choose Your Own...


 2017-08-20  1h45m