Transatlantic Cable Podcast

Kaspersky Lab’s security experts discuss recent news and give their advice on the topics of computer and smartphone protection.

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#TheSAS2018 GoodFellas Brazilian Carding Special

In this special episode, Jeff talks to Thiago Marques, Santiago Pontiroli about how criminals are able to clone chip and pin cards in Brazil.   The researchers talk about how the criminals are actively selling their tools and how...


 2018-03-16  8m

episode 1: Transatlantic Cable Podcast, Episode 1

This week’s Transatlantic Cable podcast features stories on Burger King, scams, Instagram security and more.


 2017-09-01  11m

 2017-09-15  19m

episode 8: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 8

In this episode, we talk about the recent breach at a plastic surgery in London, dating apps, Pixie two-factor authentication and the Amazon key.


 2017-10-26  20m

episode 9: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 9

In this week's episode, we talk USB sticks, Heathrow security, Hollywood hacking, WordPress vulnerabilities and the new iPhone X


 2017-11-03  21m

episode 10: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 10

In this week's episode, David and I discuss Facebook's attempt to tackle revenge porn, sad robots, Netfix phishing scams (and how best to avoid them) and gaming keyboards with key-logging software installed.


 2017-11-10  19m

episode 12: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 12

In this week's episode, Dave and I talk about people powered internet in Detroit, Germany destroying smart watches, Amazon Key (again!) and car infotainment systems.


 2017-11-22  19m

episode 13: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 13

In this week's episode, Dave and I dive into the threat predictions for 2018.  Looking at connected (and vulnerable) cars, ransomware, crypto-mining malware and finally a novelty security camera for your kids... yes, really.


 2017-11-29  22m

episode 14: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 14

In this week's episode, Dave and I talk about the blockchain, cryptokitties (yes, they're a thing), MP password problems, 2-factor authentication ear-rings and more. 


 2017-12-06  22m

episode 16: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 16

In this week's festive episode, Dave and I take a look at school heating, what Google is doing to help combat fake news, Mozilla's woes and how a researcher is using Twitter to predict traffic jams.  Tune in!


 2017-12-19  21m