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Join your friends Bob Mackey and Henry Gilbert for a chronological and cromulent exploration of the greatest show ever made! Each week we're joined by funny guests to tackle a different episode of The Simpsons, breaking down every 22 minutes of animated entertainment into an embiggening discussion about Our Favorite Family. Support us directly at

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Talking Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror III

The Simpsons celebrate Halloween for the third time, and we get scarily accurate in our history of this episode! We've got the original script to note the many changed lines in this episode, plus all the references will finally be demystified. Not to...



Talking Simpsons - The Great Louse Detective

The Berkeley Studio Era of Talking Simpsons ends just as it began: With a Sideshow Bob episode! Yes, as record one more time in our old recording space, we cover the season 14 ep that not only brought back Robert Underdunk Terwilliger, as well as an...



Talk to the Audience?!? - August 2023

We've reached the beginning of the month, which means it's once again time for another installment of our community podcast! Join us as we ring in the Pacific Northwest era of Talking Simpsons by catching you up on Simpsons news, as well as our very...



Talking Simpsons - Lisa The Beauty Queen With Merritt K

A Duff Blimp-sized welcome back to the great (check out ) as we dig into this Lisa-centric episode! After feeling "ugly" thanks to a cartoon, Lisa gets unexpected help from Homer after putting her in the Little Miss Springfield Pageant. And after a...



Talking Simpsons - Helter Shelter

The Simpsons need a new place to live just as your humble hosts are also moving into new houses, though with fewer hilarious results. After a hockey game leads to termites that eventually send the family onto a reality show, we flashback to the...


 2023-08-23  2h14m

Talking Simpsons - Homer The Heretic With Tim Kalpakis

For one of the best-written and animated eps of the series, we welcome back comedy performer/writer/musician/podcaster from the band/podcast (check out )! Production season 4 begins with two new animation studios, as Homer loses his faith when he...


 2023-08-16  2h28m

See Us LIVE at PAX West 2023!

It might be hard to believe, but we haven't had a live show at PAX in four years. Why? We honestly couldn't say. But in 2023, we're making our grand return to the famed video game convention to celebrate the 28th anniversary of Mortal Kombat: The...


 2023-08-14  2m

Talking Simpsons - Large Marge

This week's well-endowed episode sees us exploring one of the horniest episodes of Simpsons ever with Large Marge. After accidentally getting cosmetic surgery, Marge has a chest expansion that gets a lot of attention. After the show finds every...


 2023-08-09  2h1m

Bonus Episode - TalKing of the Hill "And They Call It Bobby Love"

The Talking Simpsons Network is taking a week off, so to fill the content gap, we've decided to post an episode of our Patreon-exclusive TalKing of the Hill podcast miniseries! If you like this episode and want to hear the rest (with more to come...


 2023-08-02  2h3m

Talking Simpsons - A Streetcar Named Marge With Jake Rockatansky

This week's episode we get theatrical with of the hilarious investigative ! Marge wants to find a new hobby while Homer becomes a much more passive-aggressive partner than usual, all as the town engages in a musical version of a Tennesee Williams...


 2023-07-26  2h31m