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Join your friends Bob Mackey and Henry Gilbert for a chronological and cromulent exploration of the greatest show ever made! Each podcast tackles a different episode of The Simpsons, breaking down every 22 minutes of animated entertainment into an embiggening discussion about Our Favorite Family. Support us directly at

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Talking Simpsons - The Simpsons Sing The Blues With Alex Navarro

As we reach the end of our first season re-evaluation, we've got to help us with the Simpsons' platinum album, The Simpsons Sings The Blues! At the height of Bartmania, Matt Groening, Jim Brooks, and David Geffen brought together a huge list of...



Talking Simpsons - Some Enchanted Evening With Thad Komorowski

This week we welcome on of the , as we dig into the messy production of Some Enchanted Evening! Originally conceived as the pilot, the first director was fired, and then it was heavily reanimated to serve as the season one finale. Learn all the dirty...



Talking Simpsons - The Lauren MacMullan Interview!

It's a brand new interview with Lauren MacMullan, Designer and Supervising Director of Mission Hill! Available a week early for $5+ subscribers on , we chatted with the Oscar-nominated artist about her decades in animation! Lauren told us about how...



An Interview With Spencer Grammer!

A special surprise podcast today, an interview with Spencer Grammer, the actress behind Summer on Rick & Morty! We chat with her about the new season, her favorite moments, and what it's like growing up the daughter of Sideshow Bob! And if you...



Talking Simpsons - Krusty Gets Busted (Revisited) With KC Green

Professional cartoonist (check out his newest book, !) returns once more for the best episode of season one, Krusty Gets Busted! It's the first Sideshow Bob-focused episode, the first one directed by Brad Bird, and the best script/animation combo of...



Talk to the Audience?!? - April 2020

Another month has passed, so it's time once again for another episode of our community podcast! This time, we cover plenty of Simpsons news, like the grand arrival of the 4:3 aspect ratio on Disney+, a brand-new A.V. Club interview with longtime show...



Talking Mission Hill - Pilot (or The Douchebag Aspect) With Matthew Jay

This week we're beginning our new Patreon-exclusive podcast miniseries, Talking Mission Hill! And we're sharing the first episode with all of you, featuring our Mission Hill expert/pal (, ) as a guest! We celebrate how Simpsons' executive producers...


 2020-04-29  2h15m

Talking Simpsons - The Jon Vitti Interview!

We just did a brand new interview with Jon Vitti that would normally just be for $5+ subscribers on But we enjoyed so much our chat with the writer of Lisa's Substitute, Bart The Genius, Cape Feare, and much more that we wanted to share it with all...


 2020-04-24  52m

Talking Simpsons - Crepes Of Wrath (Revisited) With Kat Bailey

We all take an unplanned trip to France and our guide is returning guest/ Editor-In-Chief ! We discuss the power of cherry bombs, the first appearance of Agnes, and how we forgot this is a king of aimless episode of the series. Plus, we learn a thing...


 2020-04-22  2h13m

Talking Simpsons - Homer's Night Out (Revisited) With Kallie Plagge

Gamespot Reviews Editor is back again as we revisit perhaps season one's most feminist episode. Homer goes to a stag party at work and gets photographed dancing with Princess Cashmere, upending all sexual mores in Springfield! As Marge deals with...


 2020-04-15  2h20m