Talking Tesla

Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson and Robert Rosenbloom talk about the cars, the batteries, the superchargers, the rumours, the stock price, anything and everything Tesla.



      episode 112: Ep 112 - Reveal This

      Tom and Robert are in the studio and they are gearing up for the big Tesla Semi Truck event later this week. In the mean time they bring us all of this week's EV, Tesla, Solar, Space X, and supercharger news. Mel chimes in about charging infrastructure, and the ideal EV range. Join us this Thursday for our livestream commentary (we'll shoot out a link via twitter and the show notes) of the Tesla Semi Truck event. 



      episode 111: Ep 111 - Elon's Inferno

      This week Robert and Tom focus on the Tesla Third Quarter 2017 Earnings Call. In this 2017 third quarter, Tesla delivered the 250,000th Tesla, and they experienced an order of magnitude increase in five years. Elon said they were experiencing a “mad growth rate”. This being said, there was also discussion about the Battery issue, and the Model 3 delays. The guys deep dive, and unpack the earnings call.



      episode 110: Model 3 Deep Dive

      This week Mel and Robert go deep into the Model 3. They have a friend, Carl Gustave-Rydberg, standing in for Tom this week. Much discussion about the Model 3 trunk, the cupholders, the seats and the screen ensue! Also, they talk about Tesla installing Powerpacks at a Children's hospital in Puerto Rico, some Space X news and Elon Musk’s Gigafactory Campfire!



      episode 109: A Lot Of Hats

      Thanks to a sale of some 4,000 hats, The Boring Company has raised an additional $80,000 in funding! Tesla is launching new all-electric service vehicles, used to replace service vans next year. They also plan to build a manufacturing plant in China. Talking all this news and so much more from the guys this week. Also...join us on Patreon and lets #crushtomscar!



      episode 108: 1 Trillion Dollar Idea

      This week the guys speculate on the financial potential of Space X's broadband constellation plan, based on Gwynne Shotwell's talk "The Road to Mars". They also discuss the 11,000 recalls of Model X, Hyperloop One - now called Virgin Hyperloop, due to The Virgin Group investing in Hyperloop One, and Mel and Robert give their latest opinions on AP 2.0 v AP 1.0. They talk about what it would it take for Tesla to Fix Puerto Rico and Supercharger news.



      episode 107: Model 3 Misfire

      This weeks episode focuses on the Model 3 production schedule. It seems that Tesla has missed production by 85%, according to the goals for delivered vehicles by September. The guys discuss what this means, and why this happened. Level 5 autonomy is also a hot topic this week, after Director of autonomous vehicle integration for General Motors, Scott Miller questioned whether Tesla's hardware is capable of Level 5!



      episode 106: Elon's BFR

      This week's episode focuses on the big Mars and Earth news from Elon's presentation at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia. Specifically, Elon announces Space X's 'BFR', the largest rocket ever! Also, Talking Tesla has exclusive audio of Elon unveiling the progress on the world’s largest battery, in South Australia (thanks to Brad Clark). Another huge week in Supercharger news, and lots of other EV news and fun.



      episode 105: A Lot Of Junk In The Model 3 Trunk

      Tesla has released a configurator for employees, so the guys discuss whats next. There is much talk about how Tesla is expected to introduce more options for the vehicle, like the non-premium interior and the standard battery pack. Lots of other EV news from Jaguar and Infiniti. Some rumors about Tesla battery packs, news about Gigafactory 1, and a huge week for Superchargers. Another exciting week in Talking Tesla nation!



      episode 104: Baby Driver

      Much discussion of the effects of climate change on coffee. And of course, some Emmy's talk. But there is plenty of actual EV discussion to follow! Nissan, Renault ad Mitsubishi are all ganging up to make EV’s. Elon has been tweeting about the Tesla Pick up. Gigafactory 2 is ramping up officially manufacturing solar roof tiles. Discussion about the power outages during Irma, and how some houses kept the lights on with Solar and batteries. And so much more.



      episode 103: Superchargers And Powerwalls For Everyone

      It has been quite a week in Tesla land, with Tesla turning on more range for cars in Florida, to help out during the storm. Plenty of climate change discussion after Former FEMA chief advocates rebuilding infrastructure in a way that mitigates storm damage in the future. China announced they will set a deadline to stop fossil fuels, and Chinese EV supercar maker is prepping an all-electric SUV! Also, Tesla updates Model S interior with new back seats. All this, and the usual banter.