Talking Tesla

Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson and Robert Rosenbloom talk about the cars, the batteries, the superchargers, the rumours, the stock price, anything and everything Tesla.



      TWEENER - The Ultimate Tesla Road Trippers

      In this, our first "Talking Tesla Tweener", Robert Rosenbloom interviews Nico Nevolo & Rob Jones about extreme road tripping in a Tesla!



      episode 1: Ep 1- The Return With No S

      Talking Tesla is BACK! And the guys are excited! This first episode of Season 3 the guys hit on  some of the bigger news that when down while they were off the air, but mainly they focus on the recent Tesla "Earnings" Call. 



      SEASON 3!

      Talking Tesla is BACK! Mel, Tom and Robert are all getting ready to return for Season 3. Send them messages so they know you are all still out there.


       2018-06-11  2m

      episode 123: Over And Out

      The Talking Tesla team are going on hiatus. After two and a half years of bringing all of the news and stories of EV land to the Tesla nation, it is time for the team to take a well deserved break. We will be back soon to crush Tom's ICE car, and you will hear from us for upcoming events before too long. Thank you for all of your support. Email us at


       2018-01-31  14m

      episode 122: Model 3: Users Interfacing

      Tom and Robert bring you this weeks Talking Tesla news! This week's show focuses on the Model 3 user interface. They walk us through the Model 3 screen interface and explain the centre screen in detail. They have also just returned from the Los Angeles Tesla Owners Club event and they have much to report, including this week's Tesla, Autonomous driving and Space X news.


       2018-01-23  1h43m

      episode 121: Ep 121 - 2018: A Space X Odyssey

      Mel joins the guys for a quick conversation this week. Then much discussion ensues about the dubious rumors in articles this week about the fate of a top-secret spacecraft, known as Zuma. The guys talk about truckers and the future of automation- after reading a NY Times article about the "Death Of The American Trucker". They talk about solar in California, and the economics of public utilities. Plus all of the usual Tesla, and Supercharger news and updates.


       2018-01-17  1h28m

      episode 120: Ep 120 - Model 3 QC?

      Tom gives us a first hand report on his Model 3! What has his experience been thus far? Also, the Tesla Model 3 Easter Egg, Tesla news, Robert's big Supercharger report, and Space X news.


       2018-01-10  1h49m

      episode 119: Ep 119 - The Year Of The 3 Begins!

      A huge week in Talking Tesla nation! Happy 2018! Mel has his MODEL 3! Robert and Tom are surely not far behind!? Tom and Robert bring you all of the news of Tesla nation.


       2018-01-03  1h51m

      episode 118: For A Good Time Call Elon!

      Happy Holidays to everyone! Lots of fun to report this week. Tom and Robert return from their big adventure up to Vandenberg for the Space X Falcon 9 launch with stories to tell. Elon Musk accidentally tweeted out his personal phone number! Lots of Supercharger goodness this week, and plenty of listener letters. Robert interviews the first Non-tesla-employee-or-person-with-tesla-connections to receive their Model 3! Also Mel gives us a little update about what has been going on in his world.


       2017-12-27  1h19m

      episode 117: Space Out With Robert And Tom

      Robert and Tom talk Model 3 Deliveries, including the delivery of Model 3s to non-Tesla employees! Big news for EV's in China this week, apparently by the end of 2017, Shenzhen's entire fleet of 16,000 buses will have shifted to electric. Also another big week of Supercharger announcements, and Robert and Tom invite you to come meet up with them at the Vandenberg SpaceX Launch!


       2017-12-20  1h27m