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episode 98: Alan Puddicombe: "Mindfulness Made Simple"

Andy is an expert on meditation & mindfulness and co-founder of Headspace.



The Search for Racial Equity | John Lewis: Good Trouble | Erika Alexander & Dawn Porter

The Search for Racial Equity Series is a forum offering an in depth study and dialog of racial equity and justice, globally. We amplify the most authentic and powerful voices of our time and of the racial justice movement. Google is using its global platf



episode 97: From Stonewall to the End of a Gender Regime | Dr. Sarah E. Burgamy

Sarah Burgamy, Psy.D, is the founder of Denver-based PhoenixRISE, a private practice with specialty offerings in identity development, sexual minority competency as well as transgender and gender diversity issues. Sarah's talk focuses on gender identity,



episode 96: Queer Embodiment and the Intersex Experience | Dr. Hil Malatino

Dr. Hil Malatino is an Assistant Professor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, core faculty in the Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State University, and an intersex person. They have spent their career dismantling the idea that biological sex is bina



episode 95: Roz Mays: "Gym-timidation: How to Overcome It"

NASM certified Roz "The Diva" Mays has dedicated many late nights at the gym to becoming a stronger and healthier athlete. Pole dancing is her sport of choice, followed by TRX, strength & conditioning and flexibility. Among her finest contributions to th



episode 94: Tim Ferriss: "How to Cage the Monkey Mind"

Tim Ferriss discusses “How to Cage The Monkey Mind” an approach to decision making based on stoicism that can help us to answer questions like How can we stay humble? and How do we manage the many, many requests that we receive from the world in day t


 2020-06-09  1h19m

episode 93: Kati Morton: "Are You Okay"

In this talk, Dr Sanders discusses the evidence showing that the foods we eat on a mainstream diet contribute to inflammation and chronic disease, drawing on her personal journey. She lays out a roadmap for adopting a whole, plant-based lifestyle and stay


 2020-05-26  51m

episode 92: Your Journey to Optimal Health and Wellbeing | Dr. Justyna Sanders

Dr. Justyna Sanders talks about her journey to discovering a whole, plant-based lifestyle as the best way to prevent and reverse chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.


 2020-05-19  1h4m

episode 91: Creating and Maintaining Connections Effectively | Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger is the host of The Jordan Harbinger Show podcast. The podcast averages over 6 million downloads each month, making it one of the most downloaded podcasts in the world.


 2020-05-12  55m

episode 90: The Infamous Future Documentary Part 1 | John Campbell, David C. Banks

John Campbell, Writer and Executive Producer of “The Infamous Future” documentary and David C. Banks, President & CEO, The Eagle Academy Foundation, came to Google NYC to talk about the documentary which has received accolades and awards!


 2020-05-04  45m