Tasha Kheiriddin

Tasha Kheiriddin is one of Canada’s best-known writers and broadcasters. She brings an award-winning perspective to her business and politics program. You can find Tasha's writing in weekly columns for both the National Post newspaper and the online publication ipolitics.ca.


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Top 2 Panel - March 1st 2019

The OAC will be hosting two large rallies at the constituency offices of Doug Ford, Amy Fee, and Lindsay Park today between 11:00 and 1:00/ Lisa MacLeod wanted the mother of an autistic child to say the Ford government was 'on the right track' CBC journalist files complaint with police after his ear was licked during live on-air report SNC Lavalin & Jody Wilson Raybould testimony Panelists Susana Mas – Freelance Parliamentary Reporter Maddie di Muccio – CEO of Society for Quality Education,...


 2019-03-01  21m

Huawei pleads not guilty to U.S. fraud charges, trial set for March 2020

Huawei Device Co. Ltd. and Huawei Device USA Inc. pleaded not guilty on Thursday in U.S. District Court in Seattle on fraud, trade secrets conspiracy and other charges, the Justice Department said. Also, China's Foreign Ministry grabbed a chance to question the state of judicial independence in Canada on Friday, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government faced accusations at home that it had tried to intervene to stop a corruption trial...


 2019-03-01  11m

MacLeod wanted the mother of an autistic child to say the Ford government was 'on the right track'

Lisa MacLeod, Ontario’s Children, Community and Social Services minister, was under fire on Tuesday during question period for allegedly manipulating the words of a parent whose child has autism. MacLeod told the house on Monday that Sherri Brushett-Taylor had recently contacted her office about the Ontario Autism Program (OAP). Brushett-Taylor’s eight-year-old son has autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Sherri Taylor joined Tasha to discuss. 


 2019-02-28  11m

Importance of Cross border work and mobility uptake

“Benching” foreign workers - a new immigration loophole? + Importance of Cross border work and mobility uptake. Veronique Malka, Partner at CKR Law, Chair of the Canadian Mobility Division & Sherry Neal, Partner at CKR Law, lawyer in its US Mobility Division both joined Tasha to discuss.


 2019-02-28  11m

Political Panel - February 27th, 2019

Jody Wilson Raybould will speak… now at 4 pm… but what will she say? Will she bring the government down? The PMO? Or will her testimony be a bust? She claims she’s still prevented from speaking the full truth… is that the case? Does she have ambitions beyond this affair? Is there a longer game plan at work? Free speech and free elections – how can we protect them? Can the government really intervene? OK it’s US politics – but it’s hard to ignore…. Michael Cohen goes on a rant beyond rants...


 2019-02-27  21m

Should we end solitary confinement, and why do inmates get free drugs and struggling families can't?

Two stories regarding our prison system, so we brought on Howard Sapers, from the Office of the Correctional Investigator on to discuss. 


 2019-02-27  9m

Chop Suey Nation

In 2016 journalist Ann Hui drove across Canada, from Victoria to Fogo Island, to write about small-town Chinese restaurants and the families who run them. It was only after the story was published that she discovered her own family could have been included—her parents had run their own Chinese restaurant, The Legion Cafe, before she was born...


 2019-02-27  12m

Omar Khadr to ask Alberta youth court to declare 8-year sentence expired

Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr is to ask Alberta’s youth court Tuesday to declare his eight-year sentence to have expired. The sentence, which was imposed in 2010 by a military commission in the United States, would have ended last October had he remained in custody. Joseph Neuberger, Global News Radio 640 Toronto law expert, and Partner at Neuberger and Partners joined Tasha to discuss.


 2019-02-26  9m

Jody Wilson-Raybould to speak on SNC-Lavalin

Jody Wilson-Raybould has been invited to testify at the Commons justice committee probing the SNC-Lavalin affair Wednesday afternoon, after obtaining a broad waiver that allows her to disclose details of her conversations with government officials about the prosecution of the Montreal-based global engineering and construction company. Mercedes Stephenson, Global News Ottawa Bureau Chief, and host of The West Block joins Tasha to discuss what may come out of this. 


 2019-02-26  7m

Ontario government creates super agency to co-ordinate health-care system

Health Minister Christine Elliott said that legislation will be introduced later Tuesday to create a new agency, called Ontario Health, to consolidate the 14 local health integration networks, Cancer Care Ontario, eHealth Ontario and several other agencies. Dr. Kulvinder Gill from Concerned Doctors Ontario joined Tasha to discuss the new changes.


 2019-02-26  11m