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Microsoft Services Premier Support gives you direct access to the world's top Microsoft technical experts, pairing you with a dedicated support team providing 24/7 hands-on assistance. "Taste of Premier" is dedicated to helping you maximize your company's IT infrastructure and development investment by showcasing the latest Microsoft products and services and demonstrating how these technologies can positively impact your bottom line.


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Enterprise Threat Detection Service: An In-Depth Overview of Microsoft's Latest Cybersecurity Solution

Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD) is a managed security service, which provides enterprise businesses with state-of-the art cyber-attack detection capabilities leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies and telemetry sources built-in to the Windows operating system. Join Lex Thomas as he welcomes Andrei Saygo to the show as they give us a quick overview of Microsoft’s latest cybersecurity solution...


 2016-12-30  16m

Windows Server 2016: (Part 1) Getting Started with Shielded VMs

One of the most important goals of providing a hosted environment is to guarantee the security of the virtual machines running in the environment. Join Lex Thomas and Brantley Whitely as they give us a quick tour of the new features and functions found in “Shielded VMs” for Windows Server 2016...


 2016-12-16  23m

Added Security for Your Data and Applications: A Guided Tour of Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is Microsoft's two-step verification solution. Azure MFA helps safeguard access to data and applications while meeting user demand for a simple sign-in process. It delivers strong authentication via a range of verification methods, including phone call, text message, or mobile app verification...


 2016-11-30  41m

How to Simplify Device & Apps Management using Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune provides mobile device management, mobile application management and PC management capabilities from the cloud. Join Lex Thomas as he welcomes Ilya Beynenson to the show as they discuss the many benefits Intune can bring to an IT organization’s device and app management practice as well as show how easy it is for IT to provide employees with access to corporate applications, data and resources from virtually anywhere while helping keep their corporate information secure...


 2016-11-03  47m

Getting Started with Windows Containers

Join Lex Thomas and Ryan Berry as they go through a series of quick demos explaining what Windows Containers are, what you can do with them and how they can benefit you and your organization...


 2016-10-22  34m

"Great Eight" Windows 10 Tips, Features and Tools

Join Lex Thomas as he showcases his favorite Windows 10 and Windows 10 Anniversary Edition features...


 2016-10-05  17m

Windows Server 2016: Credential Theft Mitigation Features

Lex Thomas welcomes back Brantley Whitley to the show as they discuss the new Credential Theft Mitigation Features found in Windows Server 2016. Learn how you can use the new Active Directory Domain Services features to improve your organization’s ability to secure Active Directory environments...


 2016-09-22  18m

Microsoft Apps for iOS and Android Users

Microsoft apps on platforms other than Windows? Yes, folks its true --- you can run Office, Outlook, Cortana and countless other Microsoft applications on the iOS and Android platform. Check out our favorite apps from Microsoft found in the Apple App Store...


 2016-08-31  27m

How to Leverage the Azure Security Center & Microsoft Operations Management Suite for an Incident Response

Join Lex Thomas and Yuri Diogenes as they discuss how you can leverage both the Azure Security Center and Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) to better manage cybersecurity threats in both the cloud and hybrid cloud environments...


 2016-08-05  26m

AppLocker: Another Layer in the Defense in Depth Against Malware

Ransomware has been getting a lot of attention. There have been several high profile attacks in the press over the past few months and Understanding the Risk is important. If people don't understand the risk, changes won't be made. To protect your enterprise, there are many steps for a Defense in Depth strategy to be taken. One of the recommended steps is to run a Whitelisting tool. Microsoft provides a built-in tool named AppLocker...


 2016-07-29  34m