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Microsoft Services Premier Support gives you direct access to the world's top Microsoft technical experts, pairing you with a dedicated support team providing 24/7 hands-on assistance. "Taste of Premier" is dedicated to helping you maximize your company's IT infrastructure and development investment by showcasing the latest Microsoft products and services and demonstrating how these technologies can positively impact your bottom line.



PowerShell Basics: (Part 1) Getting Started with PowerShell

Lex Thomas welcomes Stephen Mathews to the show as they kick off a new PowerShell Basics series. Tune in for Part 1 where Stephen shows us how to get started with PowerShell from basic cmdlts to using and finding commands and why you should upgrade to the latest version of PowerShell...


 2016-02-03  37m

Message Analyzer: How to Diagnose Network Traces, Log files, and Windows Event Tracing (ETW) Components

Microsoft Message Analyzer is a powerful tool used for capturing, displaying, and analyzing protocol messaging traffic, events, and other system or application messages in network troubleshooting and other diagnostic scenarios. Join Lex Thomas and Paul Long as they walk us through the new Message Analyzer interface and show us how decryption works...


 2016-01-19  33m

Incident Response 101: What to do if your Security has been Compromised

Lex Thomas welcomes back Jessica Payne to the show as they discuss the proper way to respond to a cyber security attack in your datacenter. *Hint --- running around, waving your arms and screaming at the top of your lungs will not help...


 2015-12-31  28m

Satya Nadella on Cybersecurity and Microsoft’s new Cyber Defense Operations Center

In this special Taste of Premier episode we welcome Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and GM of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform Julia White to discuss Microsoft’s new approach on cyber and operational security in our mobile-first, cloud-first world. [1:48] Microsoft's approach to cybersecurity – Our mission[4:50] Cybersecurity in 2015 and beyond – What does the landscape look like and how can we overcome these challenges?[15:08] Microsoft's new security posture – Platform. Intelligence. Partners...


 2015-11-30  50m