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TDS648: Re-Dewey Decimal System

The Death Panel DenialMaxx. Clout Destroyed AntiFash Gordon gets Sued The 'Liberization' of Justices Ron Paul isn't Dead Alex's Undercover Journalism Reveals Hospital Bias The Return of the Best Doctor Ever Ay Tone, Wut's wit dis Stew? The Right...



TDS646: P.O.N.W.U.T.I.A.C.

The Death Panel take a little off the top. Institutionalized Malpractice Best Korea v. Commercial Foreskins Korea They Live Creativity is Canceled Esau's Tears, A Jew Getting Jewed Live Breonna Taylor Verdict Reveal Lawsuit Against Facebook and Kyle...



TDS645: Omaha Stakeholders

The floating head is off having a baby. Biden's America Monocle Jake Gardner's Needless Death Listen to FTN mmGuy The Ignored Bungalow Bar Shooting D&D Sharing Dark Times With Rittenhouse Block Chain Bill and Bill Barr Let's Get Ready to...



TDS643: Swing Loan

The Death Panel are making lists. Paywall Announcement Space Striker Jewed Out of 40 Acres and a Mule NY Times White Washing Lists The Merchant Minute Fucking White Mail Knock-Off Michael Shermer Girl-Name Quigley The Right Stuff Dot Biz PO Box...



TDS641: Woodward And Nanking

The Death Panel have even read multiple pages in books. No Show on Friday Boat Sabatoge Mad Max or Waterworld Jewish Hollywood Tricks Dinner Canceled in Rochester Sven's Book Report on Denying History Mike's Book Report on the Zundel Trials MAGAY ...



TDS639: A Convergence of Copes

Due to Mike's moonlighting there will be no hour 15. Wiener's Law Addressing Fact Checking Concerns Concentrate on the Concentrations in the Concentration Camps We Wept With Implications Dig Through the Ditches Implausible World Building Richard...



TDS638: Nigglethink

The Death Panel have the fast setting narrative. Big Truck Boomer Parallel Universe De-Escalating the Checking Account Fucking White Mail Max Projecting Boot Guess Where Brian Stelter Hid the Narrative Finklefighting SWPL Safari The Right Stuff...



TDS636: Woke Up Left Handed

The Death Panel are unusually animated today. Kosher Light Switch Brain Men With Different Hats Compunction Junction The Merchant Minute Have You Seen Kyle? Really Accurate Journalism BLM Struggle Session Brand New Refurbished Nikkor Vision The...


 2020-08-26  2h53m

TDS635: Kaliyuga, WI

The Death Panel are situationally aware. Dr. George Lindbeck's Presentation on Charlottesville Cops and Trans Hand in Hand Those are Striking Posters Street Medic LARP Fucking White Mail The State Cedes to Anarchists The New Republican Party The...


 2020-08-24  2h44m

TDS633: A Yarmaluke For Your Face

The Death Panel know that "Yarmaluke" is spelled wrong. Missing notes The Merchant Minute More Missing Notes (Jamie will be back Friday) The Right Stuff Dot Biz PO Box 1069 Hopewell Junction, NY 12533


 2020-08-19  2h11m