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TDS556: Ding! Whites are Done

The Death Panel engage in non-consensual self-experimentation. R. Kelly Came Out of Nowhere Dawkins was Based? The Absolute State of Critical Thinking Africa 2018 Hate Watch Big Nose Atheists Hasidic World Favors for Prison Cookies Liberal Taboos ...



TDS554: Against the hWall

The Death Panel are the very wrong guys.   Welcome Your Plague Overlord Bloomberg goes harder than Jared Taylor Criminalizing Ideas Agent Rose, Federal Panties Inspector The Merchant Minute The Eternal Boomer Yiddish Word Play Chicago is Now...



TDS553: When They See Us, It’s For You

The Death Panel risk contracting the Coronavirus to have Borzoi on the show. Macklemore's Wild Van Ride The JUnit is Firmly Embedded Official Verdict: They Dindu Nuffin Yusef Muhfugga Big N Rock and Roll Al Sharpton Style Incidents Interesting...



TDS551: Stankuary Cities

Sven watched the State of the Union so you don't have to. The Gibs That Should Not Dat Race/Off Cross Faded Takes Star Trump Discovery Janiyah States Mission Not Accomplished Kosher Rap Caves are not Dry The Merchant Minute Fucking White Mail...



TDS550: Return To America In Half An Hour

Welcome to Black Fake History Month!  Sci-Fi Producer Clique Latino Pride Half Time Show Post White America "Dirty Black Summer" Out Before Aspiring Business Owners



TDS548: Install Wuhan Update & Restart

Borzoi assists Sven & Alex in simulating film criticism. Midsommar False Start Half In The Bang: Annihilation The Merchant Minute OH NO, STAR TREK! Lasch-ing out at the Elites Wooha! Virus Update Seth MacFarlane's Foreskin Game I Love Beer. I...



TDS547: Manlet in Motion

Borzoi joins the Death Panel. If You Draw it, it's For You Taking Back Lies Twink on the Moon Diversity Plane Crash Sports Cucking Jeuus Subvert Bristen the Boat Updates on Iran No IPO's for White Men The Holo-what? The Right Stuff Dot Biz PO Box...



TDS545: Bajoran This Way

The Death Panel are going to be busy isolating clips. Dream Ruiners Getting Behind Tulsi Interview With a Vocal Fryer Alex Jones' Foreign Policy Plotting in Rooms The Merchant Minute Don't Put Yourself in a Sticky Situation Bari Ugly Weiss Canards...



TDS544: Sovereign Consumerist

Happy NLK Day! This is What We Do Don't Punch Down Syndrome Mexican Reverse Hitlers Leaf Lobby No Shame Alpha Schlomo Spicy Takes ICEy Ways Richmond Rally Live Cam This Protest is Gay Now Look at this Guest List Glow in the Dark Plant The Right...



TDS542: Flu Shots for Hitler

On this episode of TDS Alex becomes a glitch art installation. Cloudshit Digital Homunculus Boomerwaffen to Rise Up? I'm Lobbying, Therefore I'm Winning Trump in the Salon Let's Leave the Degeneracy Behind The Merchant Minute Fucking White Mail Alex...


 2020-01-15  2h34m