We discuss race, immigration, politics, religion and social life from our unique TRS perspective. Prepare your anuses and ear canals for the best social commentary on the internet.

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TDS446: The Adolf in the Room

The Death Panel Ruins Lunch Meat. SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! Virgin Fumbling Around Equality of Abscess The Fistula Guys Ok, This is Septic Sex Change Surgery for Dummies Oscar Meyer Cervix Steampunk Viagra This Will Spark your Interest in...



TDS445: Dollar Sign Ultra

The Death Panel and special guest Ryan Dawson notice things. SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! What does Extortion, Alex Jones and Happy Hebrews all have in Common? Fucking White Mail: Alex Edition The Merchant Minute RIP Swordshit The JFK-RFK-ZOG...



TDS443: The Nike Gene

Now Available in 3K. SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! We Tried the Whole No Racisms Thing The Kosher Taco Revenge of the Glowing Lot Food Delivery is a Human Right for Disabled Black Trans People The Dismal State of Law Enforcement Godwin's Law...



TDS442: BenShit

Will the Death Panel cede to fan pressure and talk about Game of Thrones? SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! Taco Bell Breakfast A 6 pack of Spiclets Rub-a-Dub-dub, Two Men and a Tub Truvada on the Couch Get Those M80 Hams Homo Imperialism is Gay Mystery...



TDS440: Nebulous Unowned Common Areas

The Death Panel watch as the stairwell is vandalized. SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! N-word Unowned Common Areas Urban Cope Farming Bike Stealing Jerks The Tragedy of no White Commons Mo Money Mo Fat Rolls 13/50's find 3 in 600 Confirmation...



TDS439: The Fission Guys

The Death Panel actually cut off the tip. SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! Being UpfroNt Get Excited for Next GayOp We don't want Your Vegan Aids Blood Get Your Big Noses out of Iran's Business Sitting in the Boy's Room Merchant Minute Royal Mulatto...



TDS437: Behind Seven Mexican Proxies

The Death Panel police their own hemisphere. SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! Robo Posting Marty Friedman's Angles Super Golum Oliver North Thwarted The US Functioning Majority will soon Disappear Forever Trump's "'Accomplishments'" News Cycle on...



TDS436: Swordshit

Don't ask questions, just consume podcast and then get excited for next podcast. SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! Malicious Spoiling of Global Homo Products Games of Trolls Deus Ex Whamina Serialized Adulting Show Cultural Malware The Merchant Minute...



TDS434: The Sex Petersons

The Death Panel Questions the use of Mud SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! Never Mind the Marxists Trash World Citizen Weaponized Viking Gifs Azns Blackwashing White History Low Energy Kermit Debates Ziz-sch-ek-sch Merchant Minute Watching Biblical...


 2019-04-24  2h24m

TDS433: The Wolf of Brutalism

The Death Panel Unbox the CIA/Hollywood Connection SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! The Logos is on Fire The SCSI ways of Merchants Make the Alt Right Hate the Roof Sofia Leung and the Whiteness of Library Collections Judaeo-Conservative Values Tiger...


 2019-04-22  2h28m