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TDS732: Ghetto Cinematic Universe

The Death Panel throw their bodies on the Pajeet. Magnets, How Do They Work, School George Floyd the Sandwich Artisan Testimony from the Ex Chest Gains The Merchant Minute Half in the Bang; Boyz N The Hood The University of Virginia Macroaggresses...


 2021-04-14  2h55m

TDS731: Bias N The Hood

Ay, Tone for your sins. Libtard Novelty Takes Special Job for Christian Exoo Fake and Asian We Wuz Mathematicians Moon Man (ft. Moon Man) Harry Potter Can't Drive Asian Decoy Program Surprise Bias Confirmation Them (Not Giant Ants) TRS PO Box 100...


 2021-04-12  2h41m

TDS729: Ziontific American

The Death Panel cause agonal breathing and excited delirium. Hit a Mexican with a Rock Asa Hutchinson Smirks at Child Abuse Chinese Socialist Abuse Material Conservative Trans House The Merchant Minute Alice McNabb Thwarts the Prosecution Fucking...


 2021-04-07  2h54m

TDS728: The Boofing News

The Death Panel are educated people. This Was Actually Aired Big Brain Anti-Semites Panzer Chocolate Africa  The Twisted Case of Matt Gaetz Inter-Wreckedly TRS PO Box 100 Greeley, PA 18425


 2021-04-05  2h34m

TDS726: S.N.D.S.

The Death Panel weaponize medical language. Medical Testimony from the Firefighter Niggers is Wrestling Fucking White Mail Sassy Woman Fantasy Reinforcement Scientism America Released the Hate Crime Report, Boss TRS PO Box 100 Greeley, PA 18425


 2021-03-31  2h40m

TDS725: Boomer She Wrote

Sven finally drops the N bomb. SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! N Towers Niggers is Gay Can't Dis the FBI Female Mulatto Template Fucking White Mail Art is Dead Antiracist Health Care is Here Uh Oh, We Made Them Self Aware Median Voters Don't Share...


 2021-03-29  2h56m

TDS723: Amazon Akbar

The Death Panel go ballistic on libtards. Chicken Lunch National Pulse Nightclub The Merchant Minute Conservative De-baiting Mental Case, Mental Health Workers Verdict: Mostly Jew TRS PO Box 100 Greeley, PA 18425


 2021-03-24  2h39m

TDS722: Quayshawn’s Degree

Sven and Mike fight over the magic bullet blender. Jamie Was Right Dissecting Happiness JFK Meta-Conspiracy Hart-Celler 1965 by Huwite ZOGbie Mike Lied Bias About Japanese Internment Property Confirmed Protect Asians, Stop Jewish Supremacy Black...


 2021-03-22  2h54m

TDS720: Erin Go Brrrrrrr

The Death Panel have another big shot nigger on the show. Murder Mystery Rates Small Benis Analytics TRS Offering Consulting Services for Liberals The Merchant Minute The Brave and Stunning Story of France Overcoming Anti-Semitism Had a Bad Day ...


 2021-03-17  3h4m

TDS719: Show Trial and Error

The Death Panel listen to Girth Brooks Breaking Down Anti-Denial Assertions Bulltards Niggers at Harvard Fashy Lullaby Milkchan Bohemian Grove Rhapsody Floyd Town Law TRS PO Box 100 Greeley, PA 18425


 2021-03-15  2h48m