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TDS717: Petty Theft Black Apps

The troll is calling from inside the house. Let My Cannibals Go We'll Give You $15 Per Article Horseshoe Crab Milkers The Merchant Minute New Milo Grift White Supremacy is at it Again You'll Never Leave the House and You'll Like It Political or...


 2021-03-10  3h9m

TDS716: Bunny Milkers

The Death Panel has had 3 goals for the last 20 months. Quesadilla Earth Caught Tranny Handed Wrong Affectation There, Guy Confessions of a Report Fag Seen Kyle by Cargo Cult Fair Trial Challenge *IMPOSSIBLE* Gorilla Theater How Jews Destroyed...


 2021-03-08  2h56m

TDS714: Best in Glow

Sven needs a nap. #NotMySQL The Shills Have Eyes Googling Why Jews are Mad Bad Precedent Being Set Need To Know How Many Beaners Does it Take to Fill an Expedition? Worst Jenga Ever Most Overpowered RMVE Bias Confirmation Fair and Accurate...


 2021-03-03  2h48m

TDS713: Sex Flags Rape Adventure

The Death Panel does not consent to degeneracy. Red Ray Where was the Anime in 1992? If I Can't Have Her, I'll Become Her Pornhub 'Views Every Video Before it is Approved' Road to TERFdom Remove in a Physical Way Cultured Grugs and Modern Politics...


 2021-03-01  3h9m

TDS711: The Lives of Joggers

Kill all deer Big Screw Great Source of Protein Racism and Health Equity The Merchant Minute Athlete Dropped For Being Not Wrong The Lives of Niggers Look at Azealia Banks, She is the Jew Now Fucking White Mail TRS PO Box 100 Greeley, PA 18425


 2021-02-24  2h41m


The Death Panel SIFT through another show. Jet Stream Malfunction Tin Foil Houses The Blue Ranger is Gay Kvetching at SNL Causes Major Streisand Effect "Black Fake History Month" by Type O Niggative The SNL Skit the Jews Didn't Want You to See From...


 2021-02-22  3h2m

TDS708: Computer Aided Disappointment

The Death Panel talk about the weather. Sound Lifting Advice Jamie Cares About Animals Deep Fake Data Tucker Aided Disappointment Boomer Brutalism The Merchant Minute Despite Cucking They're Still Calling You a Nazi Enron Hubbard ERCOT of Texas Amy...


 2021-02-17  2h58m

TDS707: Press Exoo to Doubt

The Death Panel gather no moss. Nignoose Bug Sven Blackface Anne Frank Be Philosopher Emissions Guy Booted They Even Misuse Rocks The Story of Peter Rachman Totally Not Working With the Feds TRS PO Box 100 Greeley, PA 18425


 2021-02-15  2h50m

TDS705: Chatter Bacon Ranch

The Death Panel call in the suicide squad. Help Svenjeet Late to the Alt-Right Journalism Game Megan Squire is Old Pajeet Declares War on Groypers Who are these Pagan Journalists? The Merchant Minute The Laughable Case for White Supremacy Violence...


 2021-02-10  2h42m

TDS704: Magnum Piss Earth

The Death Panel make good faith allegations. Scia-Fi Tom Brady owns the KFC Chefs Despite Having all the Privilege... Culture in Arrested Developement I Only See Uniform Color Own Your Whiteness Spencer Ackerman Wants to Pick Your Brain Suing the...


 2021-02-08  3h1m