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TDS615: Summer of Your Discontent

The Death Panel hope you had a smashing holiday weekend. Shinelocks IRL In App Purchases The Karen Act Thots Patrolled? Stay Away From Sparkle Town Do the Bit Molly, Don't Be Sore Fucking White Mail Fun Quotes From Historical Americans Sean-On,...


 2020-07-08  2h42m

TDS613: Post Limón Society

The Death Panel condemn enchiladas. Payhole Traditionalist Saddam Hussein Big Finkle Think Market Zionism The Holodomor Spectrum Conventional Opinion Man and System Liberal The Ruben Sandwich Endless Kiryas Joel Republicans Aren't My Shed Fucking...


 2020-07-01  2h43m

TDS612: Civic Genocide

The Death Panel cancel pink polos and oatmeal khakis. No More Negro Orcs Scrub Scrubs Anti-White Catch 22 Just One More Justice Not Infighting The Ladybug Vault Chaz Body Count Meme Cancelled Paywall Announcement Cableb Maudlin the Neo-Liberal ...


 2020-06-29  2h28m

TDS610: Hate Hoax Phenotype

Filler episode. Space Aunt Jemima Believe Blacks Serpentine Belt Report Trump Trying to be Based Again The Merchant Minute The Mullah is a Friend of Mine Fucking White Mail Totally Fiberglassded Obvious Jewish Lawyers The Stab in the Back Arab Alert...


 2020-06-24  2h43m

TDS609: Schadengroid

The Death Panel are interested in garage security. The Negro Bolshevik Revolution Bug Removal Mike and Alex Give You the Business Bubba Wallace Tells Stories Don't Jew Me Like That The Jewish Loot Crate is a Lie Mike's Efting Theory Contra Flacco...


 2020-06-22  2h47m

TDS607: Extending the Olive Loaf

The Death Panel are regular white people. Steve 'Booze Bloat' Bannon Esoteric Stereotypes It's Simply Robert Palmer Can't Sue This The Merchant Minute Antifa Self Defense Shooting Cop Explains DUI Procedure Pizza Roll Factory De-Escalation Space...


 2020-06-17  2h44m

TDS606: Officer Sisyphus

The Death Panel de-escalate the situation. What an Actual Cop Thinks The Entire Rayshard Brooks Video Black Mama Jackpot Instacop Everyone Hates Woke Whites Amy and Andy Rehash the Rail, Kevin MacDonald Interview Slightly Altered Paywall...


 2020-06-15  2h36m

TDS604: The Uncanny Exile

The Death Panel wanna know why you always lyin'. Gawker Told Me I Have Aids Ugly X-Men Cornel West V. Fox News Black Deep State 999 Cops are Cancelled Conspiracy Catnip The Merchant Minute Fucking White Mail Lying Myles Power Book and Wald Deal List...


 2020-06-10  3h3m

TDS603: Little Źłobnicki

The Death Panel don't step over the details. Mixed Race Means African Now Guilty of Being White While Smiling Authentic African Loser Superbowl Shirts You Chose the Ladybug Life Memory Holing the Rioting A Tale of Two Steves 'Missing' Documents When...


 2020-06-08  2h56m

TDS601: Brave New Brother

The Death Panel Wannsee evidence. Waking Up Middle America But I'm On Your Side Citizen Snitching Self Don't Care The Shifting Middle Ground Dude, Where's My Virtue Signal Tel Aviv Phone Book Interesting Coincidences The Right Stuff Dot Biz PO...


 2020-06-03  2h46m