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TDS313: Independence

Hey! Enjoy the 4th of July. Here's some new shit, and some clips from some Heel Turn livestreams we've appeared on. INTRO: "Real American" by HH Borther Atticwaffen Presents: Alt Right Noir A Letter From Morrakiu: The Merchant Moment Mike, D'Marcus,...


 2018-07-04  1h35m

TDS312: HENLO, Mexico

The Death Panel celebrate some good punching, and the new Mexican President-Elect. Half Speed Finishing Move Patriot Prayer v. Antifa 1:02:00 A Friendly Chat About HFCS Assimilation WOMP WOMP in Alabama Based Dominican Nazi Cabbie Henlo, AMLO Dual...


 2018-07-02  2h21m

TDS310: Extra Crispin

The Death Panel discuss being neighbors with Clarence Thomas. INTRO: "ICEy Ways" By Journey (Back Where You Came From) The Left and Normies Escalate Wielding The Normie Mob 56:55 Minutes From The Deathcamp SCOTUS Upholds Muslim Ban (PDF) Roberts'...


 2018-06-27  2h16m

TDS309: My Wife's Robot Son

The Death Panel was watching TV and listening to rap music again. A Case of the Mondays Alex on Jim Goad Gansta Rap: The Minstrel Show Nine Inch Nietzsche 1:07:45 Mike The Iron Maiden Guy Back To The Future and the Mall Westworld and Nihilism 2:04:00...


 2018-06-25  2h19m

TDS307: Mike And The Mad Womp Womp

The Death Panel discuss mexican children & parents going their separate ways... INTRO: "Original German" by Alex McNabb The Womp Womp heard round the world TUCKA School Daze and History Differently Conditioned Persons 1:14:10 The Merchant Minute...


 2018-06-20  2h18m

TDS306: Insidious Edits

The Death Panel get in touch with their Christ-like compassion for mexican children in dog kennels.   RSS Backup RSS The Right Stuff Dot Biz PO Box 1069 Hopewell Junction, NY 12533


 2018-06-18  2h18m

TDS304: Brokeback Juche

On today's episode of TDS, Nazbol vs. Ancap war as Eric Striker, Jayoh De La Rey and Mike Enoch discuss the Juche idea. The ahhhguments get hot n' heavy as reactionary running dog capitalist Jayoh De La Rey and revolutionary Nazbol idealist Eric...


 2018-06-13  3h7m

TDS303: Mr. Robinson's Gayborhood

On today's episode of TDS, newly elected GOP politician James Allsup joins Mike Enoch and Alex McNabb on the Death Panel to discuss GOP party politics, the alt-lite and the alt-right, Tommy Robinson, Western civilization, the migrant invasion and...


 2018-06-11  2h21m

TDS301: Intersectional Nazbol

Welcome to TDS301, an independent label spinoff were our content creators are free to find their own voice absent the oversight of corporate paywall masters. As a result Mike Enoch, Jayoh De La Rey and Eric Striker engage in two hours of pure Nazbol...


 2018-06-06  2h33m


Welcome to the 300th time we have recorded ourselves saying bad words on the internet. D'marcus Liebowitz joins us. Greatest Hits! Bake The Cake, Bigot Redux Antifa Riot in Portland Ricky Vanos and the Optics Stones 56:00 True Hollywood Stories:...


 2018-06-04  2h30m