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TDS324: Fecal Masala

The Death Panel watch a few GloboHomo marketing fails. London is White?! New Jersey's Turban Man! Islam Defense Squads Reading Some Fagazines Masculinity? South Park, Borat, Crypto Anti-White Humor RSS Backup RSS The Right Stuff Dot Biz PO Box 1069...


 2018-07-30  2h29m

TDS322: BlockChain Colonialism

The Death Panel listen to a NeoLiberal Tribute Band, a peeping kayak, and some weirdos trying to take over...Puerto Rico of all places. Real NeoLiberal Hours The Corporate J-Left Soviet Farm Policy! Peeping David Brooks 1:02:55 AtticWaffen presents:...


 2018-07-25  2h27m


An extremely not-fun discussion of how lightly the left takes child sex abuse. Dan Harmon's Neat Project James Gunn Fired Shapiro Stands Up For Pedo Jokes Based-Ball Pitcher Gross Comedy Fucking White Mail Bad Lifting Advice 1:17:00 Dr Narcan...


 2018-07-23  2h11m

TDS319: Wash Your Pyramid

The Death Panel talk #Treason, The Russian NRA, CHYNA, and how to gently displace whites. #Treason Twitter NRA, Russian Agents 1:04:30 Atticwaffen Presnts... One Segment In CHYNA Chuck Blow How To Gently Genocide 1:58:56 Minutes From The Death Camp...


 2018-07-18  2h16m


The Death Panel get sidetracked on Facebook, get lactAIDS and remember some dindu terrorists the media wants you to forget. Microsoft Dispositive Bodycam, Sthkyip! SCHROEDINGER'S GLOCK Dallas V Charlottesville 1:14:40 The Merchant Minute Fucking...


 2018-07-16  2h24m

TDS316: Whoah Black Freddy, Bam Ba Lam

The Death Panel discuss Mike's motion to dismiss, Marwen, Guitars, etc. Charlottesville Lawsham National Hebrew Defends Antifa Conservatives Avoid Arguments 1:01:45 Minutes From The Death Camp Fucking White Mail MUH CARBON FIBER Marwen Revisited The...


 2018-07-11  2h13m

TDS315: Gay Face Detection

The Death Panel talk about cross dressing men who play with dolls. What A Wonderful World Imbecile Dork Web Gayness Recognition Software TRS at the Movies: Marwen Chinese Ozone Damage! Light Bulbs 1:06:10 Atticwaffen Presents...Goy COMPED Test. The...


 2018-07-09  2h8m

TDS313: Independence

Hey! Enjoy the 4th of July. Here's some new shit, and some clips from some Heel Turn livestreams we've appeared on. INTRO: "Real American" by HH Borther Atticwaffen Presents: Alt Right Noir A Letter From Morrakiu: The Merchant Moment Mike, D'Marcus,...


 2018-07-04  1h35m

TDS312: HENLO, Mexico

The Death Panel celebrate some good punching, and the new Mexican President-Elect. Half Speed Finishing Move Patriot Prayer v. Antifa 1:02:00 A Friendly Chat About HFCS Assimilation WOMP WOMP in Alabama Based Dominican Nazi Cabbie Henlo, AMLO Dual...


 2018-07-02  2h21m

TDS310: Extra Crispin

The Death Panel discuss being neighbors with Clarence Thomas. INTRO: "ICEy Ways" By Journey (Back Where You Came From) The Left and Normies Escalate Wielding The Normie Mob 56:55 Minutes From The Deathcamp SCOTUS Upholds Muslim Ban (PDF) Roberts'...


 2018-06-27  2h16m