Team Never Quit

Each week join Retired Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, Morgan Luttrell, and Producer Andrew Brockenbush as they’ll take you into the "briefing room" to chat with incredible guests who share their greatest never quit stories. This humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining podcast is changing lives and has become a beacon of hope and resilience to those who are facing the impossible. One of the best ways we can support our community is to share their stories so that we might inspire others to Never Quit.

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Kushal Choksi: 9/11 Survivor, Author of On a Wing and a Prayer, Breathwork and Meditation Instructor

A second chance at life. That’s the true story of this week’s guest, Kushal Choksi, Investment Analyst for Goldman Sachs turned entrepreneur, 9/11 survivor and author of On a Wing and a Prayer, which chronicles Kushal’s narrow escape from the World Trade Center’s North Tower on that fateful day.

It was truly a life-changing event, revealing that there was more to life than pursuing his career...



Gerald "Jerry" Sanford: Retired FDNY Firefighter, Author of It Started With a Helmet, 9/11 Press Secretary

A black leather helmet. Not just any helmet. A circa 1914 FDNY helmet found in Naples, Florida, originating from Ladder 42 in The Bronx, New York.

In this week’s episode, Jerry Stanford, FDNY veteran, details his adventure in returning that incredible helmet – and presenting it back to Ladder 42 in The Bronx on September 10, 2001 - the day before the attacks of 9/11...



John Chambliss: Firefighter, Personal Trainer, Owner of 48 Str8

Are you looking to accomplish some goals in your life? Take a listen to John Chambliss, our guest in this week’s episode. John is a career firefighter, personal trainer, owner of 48 Str8 Fitness and 48 Str8 Supplements, nutritionally designed for First Responders, Veterans, and health-conscious gym-goers. This is what hard work and a “get-it-done” attitude look like...



Dr. Donnelly Wilkes Part 2: Author of Code Red Fallujah, Navy Commendation Medal of Valor Recipient, and Founder of Summit Health Group

In this week’s episode, we bring you Part 2 of Dr. Donnely Wilkes’ personal and amazing story of his experiences on the battlefield of Fallujah.
With 2 combat tours in Iraq under his belt, Dr. Donnely Wilkes shares his first-hand experiences with refreshing transparency...



Dr. Donnelly Wilkes Part 1: Navy Commendation Medal of Valor Recipient, Author of Code Red Fallujah, and Founder of Summit Health Group

With 2 combat tours in Iraq under his belt, Dr. Donnely Wilkes shares his first-hand experiences with refreshing transparency. While one would think someone with that kind of experience would be tough as nails, Wilkes describes his true feelings and fears of being in a real-life battle with people wanting to kill him while serving as a medic in battlefield conditions...


 2021-08-18  1h4m

Best of TNQ - Mandy Harvey: America's Got Talent 'Golden Buzzer' Winner, Singer, Songwriter, and Inspirational Speaker

It’s hard to imagine living life without hearing, especially if you lost your hearing forever at the age of 18. But in the case of this week’s guest, Mandy Harvey drove her stake into the ground and pursued her endeavor to sing, write music, and “hear” with her feet – to the point that Simon Cowell was moved to press the Golden Buzzer after Mandy’s original song performance on America’s Got Talent...


 2021-08-11  1h28m

Richie McPeak: Cancer Amputee Warrior, Dad, Co-Founder of McPeak

After a seven-year battle with a rare form of cancer, Richie McPeak, Cancer amputee warrior, is living life to the fullest while inspiring others towards their goals and dreams. In this week’s episode, this incredible man shares details about his Cancer fight, with over 400 hours of chemo that resulted in an above-the-knee amputation. Despite that, he co-founded McPeak – maker of the world’s first non-GMO vegan gummy supplements and ready-to-drink plant-based powders for adults and children...


 2021-08-04  1h15m

Best of TNQ - Staff Sergeant David Bellavia: First Living Medal of Honor Recipient from the Iraq War, Author of House to House

What does an Army squad leader do in a battlefield situation when his platoon encounters three floors of insurgents and is pinned with rooftop snipers firing away?
If you're Davis Bellavia, you lead your team into action. David single-handedly saved his entire squad, risking his own life to allow his fellow soldiers to break contact and reorganize when trapped by overwhelming insurgent fire...


 2021-07-28  1h7m

Sebastian Junger: Award-Winning Journalist, New York Times Bestselling Author of Tribe, War, A Death in Belmont, Fire, and The Perfect Storm, and Co-Director of Restrepo

There are people in this world who experience and endure almost unbelievable events in their lifetime. This week’s amazing guest, Sebastian Junger, is one of them. Sebastian shares graphic details of his undiagnosed, life-threatening aneurism that burst, causing a 90% blood loss – all internally. He is an award-winning journalist covering major international news stories as well as a documentary film-maker. He has been nominated for an Academy Award...


 2021-07-21  1h14m

Best of TNQ - Will Chesney: Retired Navy SEAL K9 Handler who helped take down Bin Laden, Author of Best Selling Book “No Ordinary Dog”

In this week’s podcast, you will hear the incredible story of the mission to locate and kill Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade center by one of two dozen Navy SEALs, Will Chesney, who was a K9 handler in that operation. Will’s dog, “Cairo”, was instrumental in helping to successfully accomplish the mission. After that mission, only one name was made public: Cairo’s...


 2021-07-14  1h5m