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Hello, Internet! You are now experiencing Technical Difficulties! We are a tabletop role playing game podcast, inspired by the likes of Role Playing Public Radio and The Drunk and The Ugly. We record our game sessions using Google Hangouts and want to share them with you. New episodes every Wednesday.

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WWW - Territories Part 8

The Baron, Reefer, and The Zone hit up a new town for a new show...


 2020-08-19  2h4m

Call of Cthulhu - The Lightless Beacon

A shipwreck is only the beginning of their nightmare...


 2020-08-12  2h3m

Red Markets - Masada's Redoubt Season 2 Part 9

The soldiers begin yet another dangerous adventure...


 2020-08-05  1h52m

Red Markets - Masada's Redoubt

A respite that isn't really a respite...


 2020-08-05  1h8m

Lovecraftian Narrator - Enigma in White

We have a special treat for you. After Ross released his game Lovecraftian Narrator, Aaron came up with the idea to do an AP. Instead of written journal entries, we did a series of voicemails. Aaron edited them together and did some ADR, and now we’re ready to share it. Please enjoy this bonus episode of the mysterious paintings of the Mad Matisse of Miami…

You can download or purchase Lovecraftian Narrator on


 2020-07-31  18m

WWW - Territories Part 7

These old dogs got more than they bargained for...


 2020-07-29  2h12m

Delta Green - Eye of the Beholder

A simple mission is always anything but when it's Delta Green..


 2020-07-22  4h16m

Red Markets, Black Death - The Cross of Saint Agnes Part 2

Will the Takers be able to recover the cross?


 2020-07-17  2h26m

Red Markets - Masada's Redoubt Season 2 Part 7

It's not an easy trip to the farm...


 2020-07-14  1h41m

Table Chatter - Interview with Chris Spivey of Darker Hue Studios

Chris Spivey joins us to talk Harlem Unbound 2E and Haunted West!


 2020-07-02  38m