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Hello, Internet! You are now experiencing Technical Difficulties! We are a tabletop role playing game podcast, inspired by the likes of Role Playing Public Radio and The Drunk and The Ugly. We record our game sessions using Google Hangouts and want to share them with you. New episodes every Wednesday.

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Eclipse Phase 2 - Unbodied Part 1

Proxy Bast has summoned NASIT and some other digital specialist Firewall agents. A friendly at Gutenberg Station has requested assistance, and in order to get there they will have to go in as infomorphs...


 December 27, 2023  3h36m

Million Dollar Soulmate - Peppermint Reindeer

He runs a hot cocoa bar, loves the holidays, and doesn't believe in love. She's a millionaire, hates the holidays, but does believe in love. Can these two survive some dates and find a connection before Christmas?


 December 20, 2023  1h14m

Call of Cthulhu - Harlem Unbound Part 12

As the two investigators and their new photographer... ally? Work to investigate the shooting, Dusty has to run and do a gig, which leads to further madness...


 December 13, 2023  2h13m

Reign - Nagalisitu - Agents of ALIS - Part 13

With one tribe left to integrate, will the Agents of ALIS be able to find a way to bring them in, or will this group complicate things?


 December 6, 2023  2h11m

Orc Borg - We're Gonna Leg It

The Yell Priest calls forth two orcs, for the champion orc's leg, an ancient relic (and some other orcs' body parts) have been stolen! Can these two orcs find the culprits and bring them back?


 November 29, 2023  1h41m

Fiasco - Winter Mourning

As the Chaos in the Kitchen grows exponentially, will the workers of the formerly glorious Las Vegas restaurant Winter Mourning be able to put out an amazing, business saving Thanksgiving service, or will it be a Fiasco?


 November 23, 2023  2h58m

Call of Cthulhu - Harlem Unbound Part 11

While Dontae takes a leave of absence, potentially permanently, Ford and Reggie are treated by Queenie to a night at a club in celebration. While there, their fates start to intertwine with two other men of Harlem...


 November 15, 2023  1h30m

Reign - Nagalisitu - Agents of ALIS - Part 12

After a day of marching and a night of opening up, the crew must see how to deal with the next tribe...


 November 8, 2023  1h46m

Slasher Flick - 666 County Road 13 Take 2

A paranormal investigation TV show crew has one last episode to film, one last chance to make for a good season and save the show. But that might not be the only thing that needs saving by the end of the night...


 November 1, 2023  2h54m


A trio of FIST operatives are sent to Kenya. Seems like CYCLOPS has purchased some land through shell companies and is sending a lot of resources there...


 October 25, 2023  2h32m