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A podcast for curious people, by curious people. Every week we take turns presenting a new topic, and the other host has no idea what the topic will be. We strive to entertain and educate in a way that’s loose and fun! Our topics are all over the place, from light and funny to dark and sometimes spooky. Parental Advisory Warning: We might use strong language.

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episode 57: The Underground City of Derinkuyu

In 1963 a Turkish man knocked down a wall in his basement and made one of the most important archeological discoveries in history. He discovered the City Of Derinkuyu, one of the largest underground cities in the world. In this episode we'll discuss who might have built it, what it might have been used for, and how Derinkuyu might have been responsible for saving Christianity...



episode 56: The Empire State Building Plane Crash

The Empire State Building is one of America’s most iconic buildings and once held the distinction of being the world's tallest building...



episode 55: The Missing Sodder Children

On Christmas day 1945, The Sodder Family experienced one of the worst tragedies a parent could ever imagine. Their house caught on fire and 5 of their children were never seen again. In this episode we’ll discuss some theories on how this might not have been an accident, all the inconsistencies with the investigation, and why the Sodder Family believes the children didn’t perish in the fire...



episode 54: Fossils

Tyrannosaurus Rex means King of Lizards and when they’re on display at a museum they're often the main attraction! In this episode you’ll hear how two of the most famous T-Rexes ended up for auction, and the secrets the bones of the most complete T-Rex skeleton tell us. You’ll also hear the details behind the arrest of a dinosaur, and how Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio bid in a black market auction of a fossil...



episode 53: 1 Year Anniversary Trivia Show

It's our 1 Year Anniversary, and we we invited 1 half of The Queens Elena, The Duke Stephan B, and Super Friend AJ to help us celebrate! They'll be joining us in a trivia show, where they'll be answering questions from our past podcast episodes! Feel free to play along and see how many questions you get right!

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 2022-07-11  49m

episode 52: Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu is a common phenomenon that most people will experience at least once in their lifetime. But what causes this strange sensation? In this episode, we’ll discuss some of the common theories and reasons, its connection to seizures, and why some people feel like they can predict the future when experiencing Déjà Vu...


 2022-07-04  27m

episode 51: Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland has been fascinating children and adults for over 150 years, spawning movies and cartoons as recent as 2010!  In this episode we talk about the author, the real life Alice, and how the story came to be.  We also talk about the controversy involving Lewis Carroll and Alice. Tune in to learn the theories of what possibly spoiled their relationship!

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 2022-06-27  40m

episode 50: Nursery Rhymes

It has long been believed that childhood nursery rhymes carry a darker, sinister, secret meaning, but is there any truth to this? In this episode we’ll discuss some of the research and theories behind them, go over some examples, and discuss some of our favorite nursery rhymes...


 2022-06-20  35m

episode 49: Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms, used for thousands of years until the government made them illegal in the 1960's.  Recently, they've been used to treat depression and substance abuse with great success! In this episode, we'll talk about how this compound works in our brains, when these treatments could be used with the general public, and current and ongoing trials...


 2022-06-13  44m

episode 48: Superman

In June of 1938 Action Comics #1 was published and Superman flew out of the pages of the comic books and into the hearts of fans and the mainstream alike. 84 years later, Superman continues to be one of the most popular and influential superheroes ever created. In honor of National Superman Day, we’ll discuss his Kryptonian origins, his creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the impact of Superman on pop culture, and why Jerry Siegel put a curse on the 1978  Superman movie...


 2022-06-06  40m