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The Violence Within Us

Violence and brutality are grim realities of life. So why are some people violent, and others aren’t? Are some of us born that way, or can anyone be pushed into committing acts of cruelty? What would it take for an ordinary person to become violent? In this hour, TED speakers explore the sinister side of human nature, and whether we’re all capable of violence. Psychologist Philip Zimbardo tells the story of his notorious Stanford Prison experiment and how easy it is for people to turn violent...


 2013-04-12  n/a

Making Mistakes

We try so hard to be perfect, to never make mistakes and to avoid failure at all costs. But mistakes happen. And when they do, how do we deal with being wrong? In this episode, TED speakers look at those darker moments in our lives, and consider why sometimes we need to make mistakes and face them head on. Dr. Brian Goldman tells a profound story about the first big mistake he made in the ER, and questions medicine's culture of denial...


 2013-03-29  n/a

Do We Need Humans?

We’ve been promised a future where robots will be our friends, and technology will make life’s daily chores as easy as flipping a switch. But are we ready for how those innovations will change us as humans? In this episode, TED speakers consider the promises and perils of our relationship with technology. Psychologist Sherry Turkle looks at how devices and online personas are redefining human connection. Robotics engineer Cynthia Breazeal talks about building robots that teach, learn, and play...


 2013-03-15  n/a

Peering Into Space

Gazing up at the night sky is simultaneously humbling and utterly thrilling. This hour, we’ll hear from TED speakers who share an infectious sense of wonder and curiosity about our place in the universe and what lies beyond our skies. Phil Plait breaks down how we can defend Earth from an asteroid. Also, Jill Tarter of the SETI Institute explains why it’s crucial for humans here on earth to continue searching for sentient beings in the cosmos...


 2013-03-08  n/a

The Unquiet Mind

We’ve all had that moment. The moment where you might see or hear something and you wonder — am I going crazy? In this hour, TED speakers share their experiences straddling that line between madness and sanity. Neurologist Oliver Sacks explains a peculiar condition called Charles Bonnet syndrome — when people of sound mind experience lucid hallucinations. Also, law professor Elyn Saks shares stories about her schizophrenic episodes and how she was able to rise above her grave diagnosis...


 2013-02-27  n/a

The Unquiet Mind: Preview

New episodes of the TED Radio Hour, with host Guy Raz, start March 1. Here's a preview of our first episode: The Unquiet Mind.


 2013-02-22  n/a

Africa: The Next Chapter

There are many stereotypes about Africa--that it’s a place of conflict, of disease, war, and famine.  Or that it’s a single place at all, rather than a continent of 54 distinct countries.  We'll engage with thinkers and do-ers who are constructing new realities for their respective countries, and for the African continent a whole...


 2012-06-29  n/a

Building A Better Classroom

We know getting a good education is important, but does the current model nurture real learning? Three TED speakers share powerful ideas about how to change the education for the better. Teachers are flipping classrooms, rethinking lesson plans, and re-imagining the role of teacher and student, learner and educator. Sir Ken Robinson says the standardization of schools squashes creativity — and ultimately hurts our communities...


 2012-06-22  n/a

The Future of Cities

For centuries, cities have been bringing people together.  Now, for the first time in history, more than half the world's population lives in cities.  What draws people to them?  What changes when we live closer together?  How can cities offer humanity its best hope for a sustainable future?  TED speakers Stewart Brand, Robert Neuwirth, Ellen Dunham-Jones, and Geoffrey West investigate the future of our urban zones.


 2012-06-15  n/a

The Creative Process

How are we inspired? How do we get from an initial inkling of idea to a fully formed work of art? It’s often challenging to describe the creative process. In this hour we’ll hear from some TED speakers who explain their craft and the daily challenge of nurturing creativity. Former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins explains his writing process involves plenty of patience, intensity, and trips to the dry cleaners...


 2012-06-01  n/a