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What does exercise do to your brain? Can psychedelics treat depression? From smart daily habits to new medical breakthroughs, welcome to TED Health, with host Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider. TED speakers answer questions you never even knew you had, and share ideas you won't hear anywhere else, all around how we can live healthier lives.


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Got milk? When it comes to building strong bones, you shouldn’t just stick to the dairy aisle—but many people are starting to skip it all together, with a demonic narrative evolving around milk in recent years. So which should we believe?



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The inaccurate link between body ideals and health | Nancy N. Chen

Global obesity rates are on the rise, but body shaming campaigns are doing more harm than good, says medical anthropologist Nancy N. Chen.


 2021-11-02  9m

The power of venom -- and how it could one day save your life | Mandë Holford

Venom can kill ... or it can cure. From killer sea snails to platypuses and slow lorises, marine chemical biologist Mandë Holford shares her research into animal venom and explores its potential to one day treat human diseases like cancer.


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Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi

Today, a trailer from Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi, a new TED Original podcast.


 2021-10-19  2m

What if mental health workers responded to emergency calls? | Leslie Herod

When you report an emergency in the US, police, firefighters or paramedics answer the call. What if mental health professionals responded, too?


 2021-10-12  9m

A smart bra for better heart health | Alicia Chong Rodriguez

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The tiny balls of fat that could revolutionize medicine | Kathryn A. Whitehead

What if you were holding life-saving medicine ... but had no way to administer it?


 2021-09-28  12m