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Teenagers with attitude is a Power Rangers rewatch podcast where a bunch of adults rewatch every episode of the hit kids show and recap every crazy, insane, and occasionally hilarious and awesome thing that happens. We discuss every episode and crack jokes, create weird fan theories, and generally wallow in 90's nostalgia every Friday! Check us out on Twitter @TeensWithTude and give us a like/subscribe/rate on iTunes, shoot us an email at TeensWithTude@gmail.com, or join our facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/TeensWithTude/!


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Episode 17 - Tommy Oliver And The Smash Mouth Covers

Dustin joins us once again as we begin the Green Ranger saga and are introduced to the character with the most luxurious hair and the most delightful evil laugh and we learn that none of us are very good at impressions.


 2015-11-02  n/a

Bonus 2 - Playing With Yourself Until Someone Lands on Boardwalk

On this bonus episode of TWA, it's the thrilling conclusion to the series premiere of VR Troopers! Join Mike, Zack, Matt, and returning guests Jules and Jorge, as we begin to doubt our own abilities to determine reality.


 2015-10-28  n/a

Episode 16 - Bench Press All 18 Holes

This week we welcome Jules back as we tackle probably the worst episode yet... which leads to the most fun discussion somehow! Kimberly and BIlly switch bodies and we have a knock down drag out over a certain theory when new evidence comes to light!


 2015-10-25  n/a

Episode 15 - Dickhead In A Tube

This week to maximize confusion, we welcome guest Micheal and try to not get the two Mikes and two Zacks confused as we discuss an episode about Trini's uncle that is somehow still centered on Billy?


 2015-10-17  n/a

Episode 14 - Mouths Can Hold Things

Join us and our guest Greg (stepping in for Matt this week) as we discuss the Kimberly's-Uncle-centric episode, the first appearance of Bryan Cranston on the show as a monster, and the best case yet for our Bulk/Skull shipping.


 2015-10-13  n/a

Bonus 1 - Glad We Took That Side Road

Welcome to TWA's first bonus episode, where we watched the first episode of VR Troopers! Join Mike, Matt, returning guests Jules and Wade, and newcomer Jorge as we try to figure out what "Virtual Reality" actually means.


 2015-10-11  n/a

Episode 13 - Rosencrantz and Goldarstern are Dead

Simon is out and Luke is back, as well as returning guest Dustin. As Dustin becomes increasingly frustrated with Luke's fan theories, we discuss the second in a long line of Billy love interests, incredibly awkward teen romance dialogue, and the chosen faith of moon monsters.


 2015-10-03  n/a

Episode 12 - Skeleton Goblin Punk

Boy howdy do we have a show for you this week! Simon returns from the Canadian Internet wastes to join us and our Tokusatsu/Sentai Expert guest Jules for a full on Sentai history lesson, AND we talk about the episode that gave kids all across America uncomfortable feelings when Billy and Kimberly go Punk!


 2015-09-27  n/a

Episode 11- All Putties Go To Heaven

With a few missing team members we welcome our guest, Ian, the artist behind our cool logo thing, to talk about Rita's evil carnival and the idea of Evil Clowns as the standard.


 2015-09-18  n/a

Episode 10 - Goldar Literally Takes A Nap

Simon is out again, but we welcome Replacement Canadian Wade Kruse to the show to debate French Canada vs 'Real' Canada and to talk about Zack's Birthday! No, not the hosts, the character. We promise to stop making that bad joke.


 2015-09-12  n/a