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The Human Experience in Objects: The Case for Museums in the 21st Century (Rerun)

Neil McGregor, the former director of the British Museum, analyzes the enduring validity of museums in the age of technological upheavals and fake news. He recently visited Israel to deliver the inaugural lecture of the Van Leer Jerusalem...



Red Is the New Green: Carbon Pricing in Israel

Nathan Sussman, Prof. of Economics and leader of the "Israel 2050: Climate Crisis Preparedness" project, explains how carbon tax can lower emissions while having virtually no adverse effects on business activity and growth



Level-Headed Men Seldom Make History (Rerun)

Derek Penslar, Professor of Jewish History at Harvard University, discusses his book, Theodor Herzl: The Charismatic Leader, an addition to more than 200 biographies of the founder of Zionism.



Palestinian Refugees: The Third Rail of the Conflict (Rerun)

Einat Wilf discusses her book “War of Return,” arguing that the conflict will never end until the world recognizes that Palestinian refugees do not have the right to return to their pre-1948 homes



Jewish Life in the Time of ‘Illiberal Democracy’

Hungary's Jewish community is the largest in central and eastern Europe, and its regime the most 'advanced' among its neighbors in undoing the tenets of liberal democracy. How does this affect the memory of the Holocaust in the country?


 2021-12-13  34m

Take Notice: The Power of the Unremarkable (Rerun)

How do our linguistic priorities characterize the way we perceive the world, and how do they reinforce cultural norms? Eviatar Zerubavel, professor of sociology at Rutgers University, explains.


 2021-12-06  34m

Bibi: The King is Alive, Long Live the King (Rerun)

Benjamin Netanyahu’s endurance as Prime Minister is matched only by his mystique: what lies behind his grip on Israeli society? How did he climb to the top, and what is the price of his long stay at the summit? Anshel Pfeffer, of Haaretz and the...


 2021-11-29  39m

Putting South Africa Together Again (And Surviving a Bomb) (Rerun)

After fighting apartheid for forty years and surviving a bomb attack in the process, in the early 1990s, Albie Sachs found himself helping to draft the constitution that would become the foundation of the democratic South Africa


 2021-11-22  38m

The Tel Aviv Review LIVE in New York: Timothy Snyder on Tyranny (Rerun)

Timothy Snyder discusses his book, “On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century.” History doesn’t repeat itself, but what can contemporary Americans learn from 20th-century Europe?


 2021-11-15  1h19m

Imagined Religion: Reflections on the Origins and Spread of Judaism (Rerun)

In his book, “Judaism: The Genealogy of a Modern Notions,” Daniel Boyarin argues that Judaism, as a full-blown concept, is a modern creation


 2021-11-08  32m