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The Untold Stories of Iran’s Jews

The new book by Lior Sternfeld, assistant professor of history and Jewish Studies at Pennsylvania State University, focuses on the unique case of Iranian Jewry



Meet the Mayor Next Door

Musa Hadid is an all-around nice guy; he’s determined to fix up the old town, re-brand his city, and have a Christmas celebration for everyone. But being the Mayor of Ramallah is no ordinary job and a new documentary, , is no ordinary film...



Can America Ever Get It Right in the Middle East?

If a former White House coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa, and the Gulf, who served as special assistant to President Obama concludes that you shouldn’t undertake regime change in the Middle East, you probably shouldn’t. But...



COVID and the Israeli Economy: A Bittersweet Reckoning

Prof. Karnit Flug, Vice President of the Israel Democracy Institute and former Chancellor of the Bank of Israel, assesses the effects of the COVID pandemic on the Israeli economy. Does the fact that Israel is a small and centralized economy work in...



Could It Happen To Us?

Acclaimed journalist and historian Anne Applebaum examines how a wave of nationalist populism swept through the western world - and tore apart her own circle of friends



Identity, Dissembled

German-Jewish poet, political scientist and sometimes-provocateur Max Czollek examines the complex dance between modern Germany and German Jews, Holocaust memory, minority identity, radical diversity, art and politics


 2020-12-14  41m

In God They Trust

Dr. Gilad Malach discusses how the Covid pandemic has affected internal dynamics within the Haredi community in Israel


 2020-12-07  37m

We’re All in This Together. Are We?

Yuval Feldman utilizes behavioral analysis of regulation, enforcement and compliance to discuss how trust in the state has affected the response to the Covid pandemic, in Israel and beyond


 2020-11-30  41m

Who Poisoned My News?

Social media has corrupted the truth, spawned fake news and contributed to the collapse of polite political norms – right or wrong? A systematic, in-depth study of American news media before and after Trump takes a deeper plunge into the right-wing...


 2020-11-23  44m

Bridging the Gulf

Dr. Moran Zaga was studying the Persian Gulf countries long before it became fashionable for Israel to make peace with them. She explains the historic and political background to a series of unlikely diplomatic deals between Israel and certain Arab...


 2020-11-16  36m