Ten Cent Heroes

Can't afford the normal heroes? Get these ones! In this biweekly D&D podcast, Yoza, Reyseria, Canon, and Marcy struggle to overcome their lone-wolf tendencies and work together against the evils of Faerûn. As our heroes stumble through saving towns, toppling tyrants, and delivering dicey one-liners, they may yet uncover the skills they need to confront their demons — both within and without.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h5m. Bisher sind 65 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 3 days 1 hour 53 minutes


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Episode 44 - Interlude At Sea

On the road again! Or... ocean. On the ocean. They're on a boat, you see. After overthrowing a tyrannical government, our heroes are now making their way toward the town of Redshire, which someone has been trying to steer Yoza to. Listen in as the...


 2019-04-23  1h6m

Episode 43 - Casino Fatale - Epilogue

Count Lazaros has been overthrown and the people of Tâldriin have reclaimed their city, but our heroes' work is not done yet. They still have to search the mansion and get Marius and Marion to their new home! But even as the gang ties up loose ends...


 2019-04-08  2h26m

Episode 42 - Casino Fatale - Chapter 20

The attack on Count Lazaros's clifftop estate comes to its thrilling conclusion! Our heroes face off against the Count and Akira in a burning arena of death and dismemberment, and Reyseria's magic hits a whole new level of strange...


 2019-03-23  1h6m

Episode 41 - Casino Fatale - Chapter 19

Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry NPC's? Our heroes lead a mob to assault the Count's mountain estate and take him down for good. Will axes, fists, and revolutionary fury be enough to best Count Lazaros and his regime?


 2019-03-04  1h40m

Episode 40 - Casino Fatale - Chapter 18

After narrowly escaping the Gilded Dragon, our heroes gear up to take down Count Lazaros for good. But to do that, they'll need some back up! Can the gang rally the guilds and the people of Tal'Drinn against the tyrannical Count? Listen in and find out!


 2019-02-19  1h13m

Episode 39 - Casino Fatale - Chapter 17

Our heroes have acquired the amber dragon eyes, but can they escape the casino with... their lives?! The gang does their best to flee the scene of the crime, but Count Lazaros is intent on making sure they don't get out that easy. And even if they do,...


 2019-02-05  1h16m

Episode 38 - Casino Fatale - Chapter 16

Things finally come to a head as chaos erupts in the Gilded Dragon! Stay on the edge of your seat as Marcy and Canon attempt to retrieve the eyes, Reyseria tries to fend off Akira, and Yoza does their best to make sure that nobody dies!


 2019-01-19  1h39m

Episode 37 - Casino Fatale - Chapter 15

Tensions rise as Count Lazaros investigates who has been poisoning his guards. The gang tries desperately to not blow their cover and move on with the job, which would be a lot easier without a certain someone tailing them through the casino...


 2019-01-04  1h51m

Episode 36 - Casino Fatale - Chapter 14

The stakes get higher and higher as the gang finally gets a chance to meet Count Lazaros. However, as they wine and dine with nobility, our heroes find out they're not the only guests at this party who are hiding something...


 2018-12-18  1h38m

Episode 35 - Casino Fatale - Chapter 13

Rise and rob fam, let's get this bread! It's lucky Chapter 13 as our heroes depart for the Count's party at the Gilded Dragon. What awaits our heroes in this extravagant palace of wealth and chance? More importantly, will they even make it through the...


 2018-12-03  1h51m