Terrible Warriors

Terrible Warriors is an actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Tabletop RPGs. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a d20, we’re here to show that anyone and everyone can play.


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episode 11: Judge Dredd d20 - Part 1

In a brand new campaign setting Steve and Birdman take the role of Judges from the 2000 AD hit series Judge Dredd. They are joined this time by Tom "Heisanevilgenius" White taking on the role of a Psi-Judge as the three lawmen of the future keep Mega...


 2012-12-21  1h1m

episode 12: Judge Dredd d20 - Part 2

While investigating the suspect from the previous episode the team of Birdman, Snowball and Tom Heisanevilgenius White learn of a new gang in Mega City One slowly absorbing the dregs of other gangs into its ranks. As they proceed the players continue...


 2012-12-29  58m

episode 13: Judge Dredd d20 - Part 3

In the aftermath of a massive bout of laughter the team of Judges consisting of Birdman, Snowball and Tom Heisanevilgenius White start discussing the ins and outs of Mega City One before resuming their pursuit of the strange new gang in Mega City One,...


 2013-01-05  57m

episode 14: Judge Dredd d20 - Part 4

As the combined Trio of Birdman, Snowball and Tom Heisanevilgenius White face off against the strange evil that threatens Mega City One as danger literally comes at them from all sides they must repel this enemy force and bring peace to the City. Also...


 2013-01-12  57m

episode 15: Judge Dredd d20 - Part 5 - Debrief

Big Mike, Birdman, Snowball and Tom Heisanevilgenius White relax and chat in the wake of the near misses, strange successes and the process that goes into making this show. As they sit around and chat about how they felt the session went they also...


 2013-01-19  31m

episode 16: Shadowrun: The Candy Factory Job - Part 1

In this episode of These Warriors Are Terrible Big Mike steps down from the GM’s chair as Birdman rises to guide the crew through his favoured RPG Shadowrun 2nd edition. As the team of Justin Ecock, Tom heisanevilgenius White, Scotty Doo, Steve...


 2013-01-25  59m

episode 17: Shadowrun: The Candy Factory Job - Part 2

After learning about the dark ill tasting secret behind the Mr. Marigold’s Wonderful Cotton Candy Company Steve, Big Mike, Scotty, Tom and Justin start investigating to prepare to steal Dr. Cullen, the files and the canister. As they attempt to...


 2013-02-01  59m

episode 18: Shadowrun: The Candy Factory Job - Part 3

As Justin and Tom gather resources, Big Mike and Scotty rush in to save Steve from the latest incarnation of his curse known only as Spoo. What follows is a bevy of carnage and torture that will forever stain the image of Big Mike in the eyes of his...


 2013-02-08  59m

episode 19: Shadowrun: The Candy Factory Job - Part 4

The team of Scotty, Steve, Big Mike, Justin and Tom uncover a trap from an unexpected source and take over the security within the secret facility below the candy company. They manage to find all of their objectives within the hidden labs and plan to...


 2013-02-15  1h6m

episode 20: Shadowrun: The Candy Factory Job - Part 5 - Debrief

In the wake of the Shadowrun RPG the crew of Tom, Steve, Scotty Big Mike and Justin sit back and relax to talk about their first time as Shadowrunners as Birdman talks about his first time running a campaign in twelve years while Big Mike explains...


 2013-02-22  40m