Terrible Warriors

Terrible Warriors is an actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Tabletop RPGs. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a d20, we’re here to show that anyone and everyone can play.


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episode 11: Call of Cthulhu: Music Of The Night - Part 5 Debrief

"Call of Cthulhu ends only one way, you go mad and you die. Hopefully in that order" - Big Mike Well that was... depressing. Let's all hug it out in the debrief ok? A little group therapy will do the soul good. Mike "The Birdman" Dodd, Brendan Frye,...


 2013-10-29  54m

episode 12: Bad Dog Theatre: D&D Live - Part 1

Welcome to the Realm of T'Rannah, a world familiar yet fantastical! The world is still recovering from the savagery that the Evil Sorcerer "Drofbor The Terrible" has wrought upon this once peaceful Realm. Join us as our Terrible Warriors Steve and...


 2013-10-30  59m

episode 13: Bad Dog Theatre: D&D LIVE - Part 2

  After killing a party member before the quest even began, our Terrible Warriors really showed their terribleness in the Realm of T'Rannah and must band together after divine intervention by the mighty Gordon Lightfoot. The benevolent Lightfoot...


 2013-11-04  1h7m

episode 14: Bad Dog Theatre: D&D LIVE - Part 3

Our Terrible Warriors are on a quest to stop the evil Drofbor The Terrible from opening the Crack of Doom!  After surviving The Tomb of Eaton and making no progress in finding this elusive Crack they head to Greg's home turf The Kensington Bazaar...


 2013-11-06  1h11m

episode 15: Bad Dog Theatre: D&D LIVE - Part 4 + Debrief

In the EPIC CONCLUSION of our D&D LIVE campaign, our Terrible Warriors Steve and Justin are joined with the Bad Dog Theatre company members Molly Davis, Ted Hambly and our DM Seann Murray! Today after much death and destruction and a bit of...


 2013-11-10  1h10m

episode 16: Ghostbusters: The Spectre at Santa's Village - Part 1

If there's something strange in your neighborhood... Welcome to Ghostbusters Hamilton, an "officially" licensed franchise situated at Krazy Bob Koplansky's Furniture Store. Our Terrible Warriors, Steve, Laura, Scotty, Derek and our GhostMaster Mike...


 2013-11-20  1h0m

episode 17: Ghostbusters: The Spectre at Santa's Village - Part 2

Are you the Gatekeeper? After meeting their contact in North Bay, the team of Ghostbusters Hamilton are sent into Nipising University to investigate the ghostly hauntings going on there. However, there is some reality show getting in the way of our...


 2013-11-27  1h4m

episode 18: Cubicle 7's Walt Ciechanowski Interview

Whats up Terrible warriors? Are you weary from your adventures? Well take a seat my friends and listen to warrior Birdman guide to some place a little more gentlemanly. Cubicle 7's Victoriana line developer Walt Ciechanowski joins the show to talk...


 2013-12-10  35m

episode 19: Ghostbusters: The Spectre at Santa's Village - Part 3

Tell them about the twinkie... Investigating Northland Park where the holiday themed Santa's Village has been possessed and not only haunting the patrons, but are defending something, what the Hamilton Ghostbusters of Steve, Laura, Scotty and Derek...


 2013-12-18  57m

episode 20: Ghostbusters: The Spectre at Santa's Village - Part 4

Yes your honour, he has no dick... In the EPIC conclusion of Ghostbusters: spectre at Santa's Village, our Hamilton Ghostbusters after taking down the giant Gingerbread man, they must stop Xoff from manifesting into our reality. Will Alan get...


 2013-12-21  58m