Terrible Warriors

Terrible Warriors is an actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Tabletop RPGs. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a d20, we’re here to show that anyone and everyone can play.


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episode 11: Meet the Makers: Tristan Zimmerman (Shanty Hunters)

Justin connects with Tristan Zimmerman to learn more about his shanty hunting RPG, appropriately named Shanty Hunters. Tristan is the writer behind the popular Molten Sulphur blog, which offers up real world historical inspiration for your gaming...


 2021-10-22  1h4m

episode 12: Symbaroum 07: Invasion

The Well has spoken. The ground has opened up. Something is pouring out from deep beneath Thistle Hold. There’s no time to find answers. The heroes of the hold must rally to it’s defense and push back against these creatures. And among our trio,...


 2021-10-26  54m

episode 13: Meet the Makers: Craig Campbell (Secrets of the Vibrant Isle)

Justin connects with Craig Campbell to talk about his “cozy gaming” solo RPG, Secrets of the Vibrant Isle. The pandemic era of gaming has seen a lot of us forced to spend time alone. And if you weren’t fortunate enough to have a good internet...


 2021-10-29  44m

episode 14: Symbaroum 08: Heroes of the Hold

The heroes of Thistle Hold rally behind our trio to push back against the invading beasts, mutated by corrupted darkness, and make their stand to defend their home. Spoiler warning: This episode includes content from the first act of the Wrath of the...


 2021-11-02  1h30m

episode 15: Symbaroum 09: The Road So Far...

The Beast Clan has retreated into the forest, the town puts up barriers and believes it is safe. But we know better… Before our trio begins their investigation into the mystery surrounding the woman at the Fern Tavern, they look back on where...


 2021-11-09  53m

episode 16: Symbaroum 10: Tea With Witches

Thistle Hold is saved, for now. The barricade has been secured around the sinkhole and the townsfolk continue with their lives. But only Elindra, Iandromei, and Veurd know about Anadea’s warnings about a darkness that threatens Thistle Hold before...


 2021-11-17  1h7m

episode 17: Symbaroum 11: Ambushes & Petitions

Someone has paid a group of ruffians to kill us. We don’t have time for distractions so let’s clean up the trash and find someone in this unforgiving town who can actually help us with our investigation into the mysterious sinkhole, the warnings...


 2021-11-24  1h11m

episode 18: Symbaroum 12: Into the Sinkhole

With permission granted and their guide slash corporate spy from the Ordo Magica waiting patiently for them, it’s finally time to descend into the sink hole and discover what secrets lie below Thistle Hold… Spoiler Alert: this episode covers key...


 2021-12-07  1h3m

episode 19: Symbaroum Post-Game with Mattias Johnsson Haake

We wrap up our incredible gaming session of Symbaroum by inviting back to the table Symbaroum’s co-creator, Mattias Johnsson Haake. This conversation was recorded fresh of the heels of our August recording sessions so while the players and GM knew...


 2021-12-15  1h31m

episode 20: Me and Steve Talk RPGs with Jay Little

Today we’re going to do something a little bit different. We’re on a short break and before we return with new recordings of our tabletop sessions but before we return we wanted to bring to your attention our friends over at We’re helping each...


 2022-01-18  1h29m