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Shoulder pads, Rubik’s cubes, luminous clothes, angsty movies... and of course loads of factoids

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That 80s Show - The Podcast. Super Mario Dollars | Why does this brand new song sound so familiar? | Jon Bon Jovi's wedding singer from hell.

In the 80s all Paulo did was play Nintendo games, if only he kept them in their original boxes!! We bring you TV show and movie recommendations, discuss David Guetta for the first time and the worst wedding singer Jon Bon Jovi has ever met.

Everything we discuss in this show can be found on @That80sShowSA on Facebook. 

This podcast originally plays as a radio show with music - here are the songs we spoke about and played:

Blood Orange - You're Not Good Enough...



That 80s Show - The Podcast. Own personal hot dogs. Dictionareoke. Leigh Ann Mol from the Gareth Cliff Show.

You woke up this morning thinking that you had no need for Dictionareoke in your woke up wrong.

But the real highlight of the show is Leigh Ann Mol from The Gareth Cliff Show. She joins us with her 80s tales and we play a game of ''80 things you haven't thought of in a while...



That 80s Show - The Podcast. Dori may be flooded| The show that could have ended the Milli Vanilli ruse | Karyn White and some kid called Bobby Brown.

Dori tries to get through the show before getting flooded but we still find time to Carpe Diem.

Part 1: Karyn White's early career.

Part 2: Movie Recommendations with a musical cameo you won't believe.

Part 3: Some more Karyn White.

Part 4: Rose Byrne was born for the 80s...



That 80s Show meets Karyn White

Our not so secret rendezvous with the Grammy nominated, chart topping, R&B superwoman, Karyn White.

Paulo, Dori and Barret hear about her studio sessions with BabyFace, her encounters with 80s Hall of Famers and her love for her South African fans.

Plus she reveals what she has planned next.



That 80s Show - The Podcast. Hoff, Hoff and more Hoff. A pawn shop or a porn shop. Belinda Carlisle parties too hard.

What does an 80s show do when it needs new show content at the last minute? It Googles, ''David Hasselhoff, News''.

Part 1: We kick-Hoff with David's new song, a very Hoff PSA and learn that he speaks our language.

Part 2: Clash of the 80s titles.

Part 3: Belinda Carlisle's excess...



That 80s Show meets Joan Armatrading

Animal, mineral, physical, spiritual - not just the hosts of That 80s Show but also the most memorable lyrics from today's guest, Joan Armatrading and her hit, Drop the Pilot.

We speak to the living legend about her career, her creative process, her experiences in the 80s and becoming a comic strip.



That 80s Show - The Podcast. Italo Disco never disappoints | Some brothers and their brother | The Chart Savant

It's time for you to realise that Italo Disco never disappoints!!

Part 1: Who is Mozzart? 

Part 2: An 80s commercial just for Friends.

Part 3: TV and movie recommendations.

Part 4: The Chart Savant...


 2021-06-18  47m

That 80s Show - The Podcast. Thanks for Loggin On!!!

The King of Movie Soundtracks...KLOG!!!!

40 minutes all about Kenny Loggins and a little bit about Don Johnson's hand juice.

Part 1: Sinead O Connor IS NOT retiring.

Part 2: KLOG's early career and yacht rock.

Part 3: Arm wrestling is not Covid friendly.

Part 4: How movie songs are decided.

Part 5: Fadi is at it again.

Part 6: Kenny Loggins and GTA.

Give us a follow on https://web.facebook...


 2021-06-11  40m

That 80s Show - The Podcast. Boy George casts himself | The movie that ruined many a childhood | The Chart Savant returns.

Welcome to That 80s Show - the show that made Ubu sit. This week: 

Part 1: The Boy George Biopic and Milli Vanilli RIP.

Part 2: Movie Recommendations featuring one that ruined many a childhood.

Part 3: The Chart Savant.

Part 4: Prince collabs from the grave...


 2021-06-03  44m

That 80s Show meets Graham Russell

If you had your first slow dance in the 80s - chances are that this man wrote the song. Graham Russell from Air Supply took time off from gardening in his mountain hideaway to talk to the ''Airheads'' from That 80s Show. 

Graham meets Graham, their encounter with Jim Steinman, Ghostbusters and defying armed, communist guards are all right here as That 80s Show meets Graham Russell.

First heard exclusively on Cliff Central.


 2021-05-21  1h0m