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That 80s Show | Freddy Mercury's garden door upset Brian May | New Order, a floppy disk and childish giggles | Burt Reynolds kept making the same movie

Hopefully it's a better week for that 80s Show than it's been for That 70s Show and appropriately Dori takes us to the 90s. We talk about 80s things selling for a lot of money, 80s things that lost a lot of money, a movie that may or may not have been broadcast on Red Nose Day, Burt Reynolds being inappropriate with Loni Anderson and how Priscilla Presley inspired Depeche Mode. Everything we discuss in this show can be found on @That80sShowSA on Facebook.



That 80s Show | Hate Biff Tannen, Love Tom Wilson | A Neverending Tik Tok | Bardcore from the (14)80s

Paulo is back in the bedroom - after his nightmare about Jamie Lee Curtis, this week he has a problem with a Delorean bed.

How does Tom Wilson - the guy who played uber-bully, Biff Tannen - handle all the questions about BBTF? Through song.

When we called ourselves That 80s Show, we didn't specify the 1980s as we go back a few hundred years to discover Bardcore and Dori deciphers your personality based on your favourite 80s band...



That 80s Show | Why does Paulo hate Jamie Lee Curtis? | The Chevy Chase rap album | Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Paulo hates talking about dreams - but he has to tell you about his vendetta against an 80s scream queen. Chevy Chase is on everyone's hate list and he just cemented his place in ours after we discovered his album of (s)hits. Terrible movie recommendations that includes Andrew Dice Clay and Alyssa Milano and another round of Two 80s Truths and a Lie. Everything we discuss in this show can be found on @That80sShowSA on Facebook.



That 80s Show | Pee Wee's Hoff House | Zepotha got us | Fritz the Cat and a rabbit hole | Luke Combs has a Fast Car

Paul Reuben passes away and Paulo links it to the Hoff - and honestly, truth is stranger than the fictional reality show we created.

Tik Tok has been duped by Zepotha, we're just here for the promise of Synth-Wave.

Dori visits the Costa Del Sol and finds a Town Called Malice, Paulo heads down a Fritz the Cat rabbit hole - which wasn't part of the sequel - and our new favourite song about a Fast Car, is our old favourite song about a Fast Car...


 2023-08-25  50m

That 80s Show | Paulo quizzes The Quizmaster | Ryan Reynolds reboots ALF | Club Tropicana and the drinks aren't free

Due to no fault of his own, Paulo did not win an 80s quiz evening. He conducts an internal audit.

We examine the many reasons why Paulo and Ryan Reynolds would be best friends, a shared love of ALF is one of them.

Dori has a very witchy movie review, we stalk Andrew Ridgeley AGAIN and we track down the real Club Tropicana...the reviews are mixed.

Everything we discuss in this show can be found on @That80sShowSA on Facebook...


 2023-08-11  52m

That 80s Show meets Simon Halfon

We just wanted to talk to someone involved in the Wham! documentary. 

Instead we found Simon Halfon, a man who has played such a unique role in iconic albums from The Style Council, The Jam, Kim Wilde, Oasis and George Michael.

He tells us how he got involved in designing album covers, his friendship with Wham!, George Michael as an artist and how lunch with Andrew Ridgeley lead to the Netflix documentary...


 2023-08-03  32m

That 80s Show | When Rob Lowe says 80s | It happened on Number 150 | 80s Cow-Reoke


We've been nominated in the Best Music Podcast in the APVA Awards. Please vote for us here, just scroll down to music:

Mr T, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore and a shirtless George Michael all in the opening few minutes - that's why were one of the best podcasts in Africa!

It was bound to happen, and it happened on our 150th movie recommendation. If you know, you know...


 2023-07-28  1h1m

That 80s Show | Wham! Bam Hologram | Strictly Come Ridgeley | Weekend at Kenny Rogers | Barbie in the 80s


We've been nominated in the Best Music Podcast in the APVA Awards. Please vote for us here, just scroll down to music:

In the latest edition of That Wham! Show we find out that Wham! may come back as holograms, Andrew Ridgeley wants to do the cha cha cha and how a trip to China ended with George Michael being called a dumbell...


 2023-07-21  51m

That 80s Show | There can never be too much Wham! | Sci-Fi Satire | Shaka Zulu and The Knight Rider.

With so much Wham! content around, Paulo and Dori have grabbed those teets and are milking George and Andrew for all they're worth.

Admit that we've all had that dream atleast once.

We also explore the finest in 80s Sci-Fi satire which may or may not include a lost Bee Gee brother.

More Wham! as we close out the show plus a look at the Shaka Zulu mini-series from the 80s which ends with a Hoff reference...


 2023-07-14  53m

That 80s Show | We didn't start the fire, but Fall Out Boy should stop it | The Wham!u-mentary | Bud (Spencer) Lite | Steinhegvanhuysenolegbangbangbang

It's Wham! Week and Paulo is angry with Fall Out Boy.

They remade a Billy Joel song, and didn't even have the decency to do it in chronological order.

We have an intellectual conversation about Wham! on Netflix before Paulo brings Dori a story about Bud Spencer so ridiculous that he didn't even bother playing Two 80s Truths and a lie, because fact is stranger than fiction...


 2023-07-07  52m