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That 80s Show | Chunging our Wangs| Skinny Dipping with Jane Fonda | a vinegary Russian.

We promise that we had a running order for this week's show, but once Dori brought up Panburgers we took a very weird detour that Chunged our Wangs.

Pac-Man, paint-stripping 80s vinegar, skinny dipping with Jane Fonda, another, more obvious, name for the keytar, Paulo being blocked by Andrew Ridgley and naturally Dolph Lundgren's nipples.

And those weren't even the weird things we got into...



That 80s Show | Barret didn't walk out | Michael Jordan or Whitney | Chart Savant

Come and knock on our door...but not while we're recording!!!

It's Three's Company as Barret Edelstein, The Celeb Savant joins Paulo and Dori. He tells us about his tribute interview with Michael Caprio, Olivia Newton-John's publicist and brings another round of Chart Savant to the pod.

Before that we talk about the movie, ''Air'' - which Barret walked out of...



That 80s Show | The Cheers bar is for sale and Paulo and Dori would be terrible billionaires | A literal butthead | Michael J Fox dated EVERYONE!!!

How much would you pay for an unopened Betamax? Not as much as Dori would pay for a half-naked David Hasselhoff torpedo boat.

Dori brings in a guest for her movie recommendation, ''Society''. Dori has never watched it, Paulo watched one scene and fears this segment may have reached it's natural end.

As the world watches the new Michael J. Fox documentary we find out who he dated in the 80s...



That 80s Show | Tom Cruise Cakes | Rewatching Robocop in your 40s | The song that grew up to be ''Take on me'' | A celeb mention every 2 minutes including Logan Paul..

We finally have something in common with Brooke Shields - none of us are getting Cruise cake.

We count down Europe's celeb encounters, plus Paulo rewatched Robocop and picked up some things he had missed as a kid. All that time watching a guy get shot into meat that he missed the apartheid propaganda.

In #PrimeWeek Paulo finds a way to include a Logan Paul mention plus we find out what happened to Richard Grieco...



That 80s Show | Paulo messes up a Prince story | Fast Times at Ridgemont High | Two 80s Truths and a lie.

It's just another Manic Monday, except it's a Friday, on That 80s Show as Paulo did not pre-read a story about Susanna Hoffs. To be fair to him, he was distracted by the pictures.

Dori has never watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Paulo thinks he has - or did he just watch ''that''scene 1000s of times?

Two 80s Truths and a Lie is back and it involves a Jason Bateman, Yoda and a waterbed...


 2023-04-28  55m

That 80s Show | Jason Bateman may hate the 80s | How is Rob Lowe not cancelled | Going Ape! | Living on a Stranger Thing

Jason Bateman's hair is more 80s now than it was in the 80s and it bothers Dori. We wonder how Rob Lowe didn't get cancelled, remind ourselves of the pain of a blown TV tube and Paulo watched a movie where Danny DeVito didn't have the worst comb over. George Michael's Sydney mansion has Paulo revealing his bedroom attire and Milly Bobby Brown's engagement to Bon Jovi's son gives your favourite 80s duo a chance to roll out a Bazillion puns...


 2023-04-14  55m

That 80s Show | Did Paulo get Diettered | Nipples dripping with symbolism | Roll the dice on Der Denver Klan.

Paulo and Dori mishear Dead or Alive lyrics and get spun around by Paul Rudd cosplaying as Pete Burns.

Dori's movie recommendation reminds Paulo of Adam Driver's Star Wars nipples which reminds him of Sylvester Stallone's nipples which reminds him of Dolph Lundgren's nipples.


We finish off with a look at board games based on 80s TV Shows - should have called them all ''Cash Grab or no Cash Grab''...


 2023-03-31  54m

That 80s Show | Renaming Mick Hucknall | It's Serge | Cocaine Bear | An unknown Madonna.

Dori proves she's a real person by joining Paulo in studio but she brought Mick Hucknall with her.

We do the dance of joy because Bronson Pinchot is back as Serge in Beverley Hills Cop 4 and then ask, ''Does a Cocaine Bear shit in the woods?''.

If Paulo had watched it - he would have known...


 2023-03-24  56m

That 80s Show | Oscars of the 80s | Jamie Lee Curtis and Roger the Red Vested Thruster | 2 80s Truths and a Lie.

Hooray for (80s) Hollywood!!

Paulo and Dori revisit Oscars winners from the 80s, reassigning some of the statues and realising that for someone who studied film, Dori hasn't watched that many.

Jamie Lee Curtis' win prompted Paulo to go back on her filmography to recommend an 80s movie that involved leotards, vigorous aerobic thrusting and John's mini-Travoltas.

Finally 2 80s Truths and a Lie, involves banned Bangles, Robert on Robert violence and Kitty, Hey Kitty...


 2023-03-17  34m

That 80s Show | A Tribute to Mark Pilgrim | Kevin Bacon is telling porkies | George Michael and The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

A sombre but celebratory start to That 80s Show as Paulo and Dori recount the impact Mark Pilgrim unknowingly had on this show. 

@MacAngelZA graciously allowed us to use his fitting tribute to Mark which can be found on these platforms:



 2023-03-10  46m