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That 80s Show. Live from the Upside Down | A TV Drama from The Wonder Years | Who wasn't F.R.I.E.N.D.S with his barber in the 80s? | George Michael Freedom Uncut.

A new season of the 80s fuelled Stranger Things is looming and it kicks off with Corey Hart. 

Paulo and Dori then get into their movie recommendations where they discover a hirsute a pre-Friends star and Dori gets in her feels over the new George Michael documentary.

Part 1: Live from The Upside Down.

Part 2: Viewing Recommendations.

Part 3: George Michael Freedom Uncut.

Everything we discuss in this show can be found on @That80sShowSA on Facebook...



That 80s Show meets Benjy Mudie.

Imagine being given free reign - and money - to sign any band you want in South Africa in the 1980s? This is how Benjy Mudie was probably responsible for your favourite band making it big (or semi big) back then. Benjy has stories for days... but we only had an hour with him...



That 80s Show. The Johnny Depp trial feat Jennifer Gray and Drew Barrymore | Top Gun, Maverick | An 80s Russian Doll | Paulo's Super crush | The cursed 80s cruise.

Boy Oh Boy it's good to be back.

While Paulo and Dori took a break, the 80s did not!!

This week we bring you the latest on Bruce Willis, The Johnny Depp trial which forced Drew Barrymore into a 7-layered apology and Jennifer Gray to come out of the corner...



That 80s Show meets Eddie Lundon from China Crisis.

Liverpool was a melting pot of musical revolution in the 80s, and China Crisis played as big a part in this as anyone else.

In this episode of ''That 80s Show meets'' we got together with Eddie Lundon from the band to discuss their beginnings, sharing band equipment, their unexpected fame in the far-east and the meaning behind the hit Black Man Ray, a song that mysteriously escaped the eye of the censors in Apartheid South Africa...



That 80s Show meets Chesney Hawkes.

If you had didn't have a Chesney Hawkes poster on your bedroom wall in the 80s, did you really even have a bedroom wall?

In this episode of That 80s Show meets, Barret hops on the line with the amazing artist Chesney Hawkes and you'll fall in love with him all over again.

We hear what it's like when your dad himself was a music icon, being born into music, life on the road with his aspirant rock star son and his current music projects that still appear on the charts today...



That 80s Show meets Sananda Maitreya.

He was once hailed as a rival to Michael Jackson and Prince but after you get to hear from the man Sananda Maitreya in this interview, you'll realise that was never his purpose in life.

To be granted time with this truly inspirational human being was a gift to That 80s Show and we are so happy to be able to pass it on to you.

His time as an 80s artist is a mere warm-up act as we delve into his feelings on spirituality, identity and human discovery...


 2022-04-14  41m

That 80s Show meets The First Lady of 80s House Music, Kym Mazelle.

Who is the coolest person on your Whatsapp? For Barret it's an icon of 80s and 90s house music, Kym Mazelle. You can not call yourself an OG of house music if Kym's tracks were not on your mixtape. Known as "The First Lady of House Music.” her music style combines R&B, soul, disco, and pop and has inspired generations of artists, DJ's and producers from the 80s till today...


 2022-04-07  40m

That 80s Show. Boy George did not provide ''helpful answers''. | Fargin Iceholes | The Chart Savant.

Boy George is being sued by an x-band member who also happens to be an this point we should make an obvious pun but we were distracted by BG's bowler hat.

Do the right thing and stick around for our movie recommendations which include a spoof movie classic that Paulo is convinced no one else has ever watched.

The Chart Savant appears from the netherworld with his top 5 - how close will Paulo and Dori get this week.

Part 1: Boy George is getting sued...


 2022-04-01  51m

That 80s Show. MORE 80s AirBnB's | Ghostbusters meets Romancing the Stone meets The Temple of Doom, during their Night Shift | 80s Movie Russians.

We're sorry for wasting your time with last week's 80s AirBnB because we found loads of better ones!!! Just avoid the Macaulay Culkin room.

We then get into two movies that put the ''Anigans' into shenanigans and go back to the 80s to look at evil movie Russians. 

Thankfully those guys could be taped over and erased for good.

Part 1: 80s AirBnB''s.

Part 2: Movie Recommendations.

Part 3: 80s Movie Russians...


 2022-03-25  47m

That 80s Show. An 80s AirBnB | A-Ha, that's where they got the idea | The Heritage Chart.

Paulo's voice started going AWOL, Dori's internet followed suit but we somehow prevailed and got back to the 80s.

Looking for an AirBnB fit for an 80s fan? It's here, but we have some suggestions.

Dori celebrates William Hurt's career with in an altered state and Paulo needs you to lock away your mommas!!

We take a listen to the and find new music from UB40, Chesney Hawkes, The Blow Monkey's and Tears for Fears...


 2022-03-18  40m