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That 80s Show. The Body Rap | A movie that makes Garbage Pail Kids look like Citizen Kane | Freddie Mercury's last words.

It feels like Paulo and Dori haven't done a show together since the 80s. George and Andrew - actually more like Mel and Kim - are back in attack for this week's edition of That 80s Show.

This week saw the 30th anniversary of Freddie MErcury's death and we find some stories to remind us of the enigmatic genius.

Part 1: The Body Rap. A toy no one wanted.

Part 2: Movie recommendations featuring trash people, melting and a terrible super hero...



That 80s Show. The Chart Savant is back...with gifts! The Macmansion from Hell | We try to eVoid giving away our next interview guest.

When the Chart Savant descends from atop the hill of Top 40 Land and assumes his human form, Dori and Paulo must take advantage of his ethereal presence.

Barret is back with his chart games as well as some gifts, but are Dori and Paulo able to beat him and truly deserve their trophies?

Part 1: The Chart Savant brings us gifts.

Part 2: The Macmansion from Hell.

Part 3: Movie Recommendations.

Part 4: The Chart Savant's game...



That 80s Show meets Carol Decker from T'Pau.

This week we left the interview china in the hands of The Chart Savant!!!

Barret sat down with Carol Decker from T'Pau, the hypnotic voice behind 80s hits like, ''China in your hands'' and ''Heart and Soul''.

We discover the groups origins, Carol's musical inspirations, how the band got their outrageous name (hint: live long and prosper), and find out what Carol calls her injured foot. 

These are the revelations only The Chart Savant can secure...



That 80s Show. The Cheers song isn't that cheerful | It's never too early for Last Christmas | The murderous Chippendales.

Paulo and Dori sure did miss each other. So much catching up as we play 80s Bingo...Brat pack ✅  Breakfast Club mention ✅  Last Christmas in November ✅  An Anneline Kriel mention ✅  The Chippendales ✅ ✅

Part 1: Cheers isn't that cheerful.

Part 2: Andrew McCarthy's Brat.

Part 3: Movie Recommendations.

Part 4: Battle of the network stars.

Part 5: The Chippendales...



That 80s Show. The Chart Savant's Bible | Chasing Hadedas | Motley Crüe think they were sexist | Return to The Heritage Chart.

The Chart Savant, Barret, joins Paulo in this week's trip back to the 80s. We cover movies, chart books, other uses for DVDs, sexist bands from the 80s and find out what music our favourite 80s acts are releasing these days.

Part 1: The Official Album Charts. The Eighties.

Part 2: Movie Recommendations.

Part 3: Motley Crüe think they were sexist.

Part 4:

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That 80s Show. Loco for Acapulco | The Beverley Hills Brat | Greta has gone too far.

There's a new tv show that fits Paulo's simple viewing criteria. Less than 30 minutes and set in the 80s. He's loco for Acapulco and he wants Dori to meet the alternate universe version of themselves.

We have our always popular movie recommendations before Dori launches into the weirdest story about a lady called Joanna Stingray that starts in Beverley Hills, takes in Russia and involves David Bowie and Andy Warhol...


 2021-10-22  54m

That 80s Show. The Podcast | Bon Jovi Wine | Wham! Member Dies | The Chart Savant | Andersvent Calendar.

When The Chart Savant enters the realm of That 80s Show, it's life Jim but not as we know it. Part 1: Bon Jovi's wine. Part 2: Movie Recommendations. Part 3: Deon Estus. Part 4: Boogie Box High. Part 5: The Chart Savant. Part 6: Buy Paulo an advent calendar. Everything we discuss in this show can be found on @That80sShowSA on Facebook...


 2021-10-15  49m

That 80s Show - Podcast. The Bond Podcast | Jason Donovan | We should start an 80s School | Bond songs from the 80s.

Another episode where we discover the miscreant ways of a high school Dori in the 80s - which leads us to consider opening an 80s school of our own, except for adults.

Part 1: Jason Donovan.

Part 2: Movie Recommendations.

Part 3. The Bond songs ranked.

Part 4: Bond songs that never saw The Living Daylights.

Part 5: Your status update if Facebook was around in the 80s.

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 2021-10-08  47m

That 80s Show - The Podcast. People that died, died | An 80s music documentary we have to watch | Spell your name in 80s movies |

An episode that spends alot of time on 80s movies and who can blame us?

Part 1: The Jim Carroll Band and an 80s music documentary.

Part 2: Movie Recommendations including Automan.

Part 3: Spell your name using 80s movie titles.

Part 4: Free Blockbuster and

Part 5: Michael J Fox.

Everything we discuss in this show can be found on @That80sShowSA on Facebook...


 2021-10-01  52m

That 80s Show - The Podcast. Abbatars | Rick Astley takes if all | The Trouble with Lindsay Buckingham | The Heritage Chart.

Elton John, Abba, Rick Astley, Fleetwood Mac and Mr Belvedere... and that's only the first 10 minutes! Another episode of That 80s Show - ready for your ear holes.

Part 1: Elton John's new album.

Part 2: The Abbatars and Rick Astley.

Part 3: The Trouble with Lindsay Buckingham.

Part 4: Movie Recommendations.

Part 5: The Heritage Chart.

Everything we discuss in this show can be found on @That80sShowSA on Facebook...


 2021-09-17  49m