The 5 AM Miracle

Good morning! Discover how to dominate your day before breakfast every Monday morning. This practical self-improvement podcast focuses on productivity, healthy habits, and personal development.

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episode 406: 7 Steps to Defy Your Fears and Guarantee a Breakthrough

I discuss 7 steps to defy your fears and guarantee the breakthrough you know is possible.


 2021-08-16  33m

episode 405: Conquer Busyness and Do Your Best Work with Juliet Funt

I speak with Juliet Funt, author of A Minute to Think, about increasing your white space to conquer busyness and unleash your creative potential.


 2021-08-09  44m

episode 404: Mindful, Calm, and Connected Parenting with Josephine Atluri

I speak with Josephine Atluri, author of the Mindfulness Journal for Parents, about how we can stay calm and connected with our children.


 2021-08-02  36m

episode 403: Rediscover Wonder, Inspiration, and Joy with John O'Leary

I speak with John O’Leary, author of In Awe, about how we can tap into our childlike wonder in order to unleash our own sources of inspiration and joy.


 2021-07-26  36m

episode 402: Sabbaticals, Creative Rejuvenation, and New Directions

I share my new plan to take a break from this podcast for the first time ever. Don’t worry, it’s not long and won’t start for a while.


 2021-07-19  36m

episode 401: Replacing Evernote with DEVONthink: My New Productivity System

I outline a new and simpler method to organize what matters while easily and intelligently archiving everything else.


 2021-07-12  41m

episode 400: Productive Parenting (and our new +1) with Tessa Sanders

I sit down with my wife Tessa to discuss the transitions we’ve made to become parents and how all of those systems will be tested on a grander scale as our family grows.


 2021-07-05  47m

episode 399: Turning Pro: Going All-In on Your Passion with Marcus DePaula

I chat with Marcus dePaula, a professional audio engineer, about mastering your craft and leveraging technology to take your work to the next level.


 2021-06-28  35m

episode 398: Optimized Focus Music for Productivity with CEO Dan Clark

I speak with Dan Clark, CEO of, about how we can get more value out of time by blocking distractions with music that is designed to optimize our brains.


 2021-06-21  42m

episode 397: The Plant-Based Athlete with Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke

I chat with Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke, authors of The Plant-Based Athlete, about numerous professional athletes who made the same decision to put plants first.


 2021-06-14  44m