The 602 Club: A Geekery Speakeasy

The 602 Club is TFM's dedicated podcast to our passion for all things geeky outside of Star Trek. We cover classics as well as much of what is coming out as a way of helping listeners find new things to try. Each week host Matthew Rushing, friends from around the network and beyond deep dive into topics such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC Comics, James Bond, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, Zack Snyder and much more. So pull up a chair, order a drink from Ruby and enjoy. Subscribe and listen today! Make sure you are following us on Twitter and Instagram!

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episode 18: Mr. Darcy Kicks Ass

Kingsman. We discuss Matthew Vaughn choosing to direct Kingsman over Days of Future Past, being back in the spy game, the idea of a sequel, the themes of the film, the cast, whether seriousness ruins spy movies and things that didn't work.


 2015-02-20  1h31m

episode 17: A Reincarnation of The Matrix

Jupiter Ascending. We talk about making original sic-fi movies, the story, the conversations this film as generated, the visuals, casting, music, and if this film lives up to the Wachowski's previous films.


 2015-02-13  1h8m

episode 16: There's A Comic For That

Comics. We discuss what lead us to pick up our first comic, what we read monthly and why, our favorites and our recommendations as well as the pros and cons to continuity.


 2015-02-06  1h7m

episode 15: Road to Becoming the Icon

Man of Steel. We talk about Krypton, the new Superman suit, the nonlinear nature of the storytelling, Lois Lane and the military, the deaths of Jonathan Kent and Zod as well as the nature of this film as a true origins movie, plus much more.


 2015-01-29  2h14m

episode 14: The Roger Moore of Indiana Jones

Raiders of the Lost Ark. We discuss the beloved film from casting to the memories of our first experiences with the movie, along with what we still love, what still bothers us, as well as the soundtrack and question if it still holds up today.


 2015-01-23  1h47m

episode 13: Princess Bride Status

Galaxy Quest. This film has gone from box office dud to cult classic since it's original release. We discuss what makes this film so special to sci-fi fans, it's homage to Star Trek and whether there should be a sequel.


 2015-01-16  1h11m

episode 12: It's a Wonderful Life Doctor

Doctor Who: Last Christmas. Every year geeks gather around their television sets to see what will happen to The Doctor and his companion. We discuss the latest installment in this holiday tradition as well as look back at season 8.


 2015-01-10  53m

episode 11: A Badass Battle Ram

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Join us as we venture into Peter Jackson's Middle Earth, one last time with the final Hobbit film. We discuss in-depth the film and the legacy that the saga has left behind.


 2015-01-02  2h0m

episode 10: They Didn't Think This Through

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. We dive into the difference in filming time Jackson had, the new places of the film like Bree, Beorn's House, Mirkwood, the Woodland Realm, Laketown and Erebor plus talk about the characters and themes.


 2014-12-26  1h20m

episode 9: The Original George Lucas

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. After The Lord of the Rings it was inevitable that The Hobbit would get made. Peter Jackson returned to helm a trilogy of films and together we discuss this first film in the new Middle Earth saga.


 2014-12-19  1h10m