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Former U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter pilot John “Rain” Waters hosts The Afterburn Podcast. Bringing people together to share their journey along the "path" of life.

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episode 26: #26: Army Ranger CSM (Ret) JB Spisso

JB served over 26 years in the Army, 10 of which was in Special Operations in the esteemed 75th Regiment. We chat leadership, his experience jumping into Panama during Operation Just Cause and a few other of his experiences. He is the Author of Warrior Leadership: Steps to Success for Leaders on the Ground.


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 2021-03-02  50m

Q & A Session #2

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  • What are Go-Pills, Side-Effects. "Knuckles" returns to add science to the discussion.
  • Dealing with missing goals, or marks.
  • Tips and tricks for winning at pilot training...or any training for that matter.

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 2021-02-24  19m

#25: SR-71 Blackbird Pilot - Lt Col (Ret) Les "Slash" Dyer

"Slash" entered into the Air Force during the Vietnam War. He started his aviation journey flying the C-7 before transitioning across several platforms. By the time "Slash" retired he added the B-52, T-38, Hawk, SR-71, and A-10 to his flying resume. Support the Podcast: Become a Patreon Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:


 2021-02-16  34m

Q & A Session #1

Have a question? Support the Podcast How do you maintain and build your passion for flying when you are several years into your flying career?  How do you make sure you keep learning and improving?  Why doesn't the Air Force wear full battle rattle when they fly? What qualities do you value that you find day to day in your pilot peers? What does a controlled ejection look like? Support this podcast at — https://redcircle...


 2021-02-09  16m

episode 26: #24: Discussion About F-16 Fatality - with F-35 Pilot Jeff "Bender" Page

"Bender" is a fighter pilot, a former F-16 pilot and now he currently flies the F-35.  In this episode we dive further into the mishap breakdown from  The goal is to bring more context to the events that unfolded on June 30th 2020 that...


 2021-02-02  58m

episode 25: #23: F-16 Mishap - Fatality - 30 Jun 2020 Shaw AFB, SC Lt. David "MEZr" Schmitz

On 30 June 2020, Lt David “MEZr” Schmitz was killed in an F-16 mishap at Shaw AFB.  He was conducting a night mission qualification sortie.  Upon his initial landing attempt his aircraft struck the instrument landing system antennas...


 2021-01-19  1h4m

episode 24: #22: Brian "Casmo" Harris - AH-64 Pilot - Host The Low Level Hell Podcast

Brian has 20+ years as an US Army Officer and Warrant Officer. Five years as an Armor/Cavalry officer as an M1 Tank and 120mm Mortar Platoon Leader. 15+ years as an Aviation officer with over 2,000 hours as OH-58D Kiowa Warrior and AH-64D/E Pilot. Two...


 2021-01-06  49m

episode 23: #21: A-10 Gun Malfunction Results in Blown Canopy & Gear Up Landing: Maj Brett "2Watt" Devries

"2Watt" is an A-10 pilot and on July 20th, 2017 he was conducted a low angle strafe during an operational check flight.  The gun malfunctioned which resulted in the canopy being jettisoned and damaging the aircraft's hydraulic system.  ...


 2020-12-22  42m

episode 22: #20: F-35 Test Pilot, USAF Director AI Accelerator at MIT- Col Tucker "Cinco" Hamilton

Col Hamilton is an Air Force Test pilot and has flown over 30 different types of aircraft.  He has flown numerous military fighter aircraft, including the F-15C, F-15E, as well as the F-35A/B/C.   He led a team of nearly 1000...


 2020-12-08  53m

episode 21: #019: F-117, A-10, F-18, F-4 & Warbird Pilot Lt Col (Ret) Charlie "Tuna" Hainline

"Tuna"is a former Air Force pilot and joins me on the podcast to talk about his aviation career.  He has flown the A-10, the F-117, completed a Navy exchange in the F-18 (with well over 100 traps), and rounded out his career flying the F-4. ...


 2020-11-24  47m