The Age Old Question: A Podcast for Music Fans

The Age Old Question is an insightful and hilarious podcast for the music fan who has ever debated music's unanswerables. Each episode tackles another debate in music fandom ("Is D Minor the saddest of all keys?" "Why do people hate the Eagles?"...). Rich Price and Clint Bierman host and call on friends and experts to help settle them once and for all. Part of Pantheon Podcasts.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 45m. Bisher sind 82 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle zwei Wochen gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

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episode 42: Who Has The Best Stage Name of All-Time?

This week, Rich and Clint are talking the best stage names of all-time, from Freddie Mercury to Engelbert Humperdinck (yes, he actually chose that name), Bob Dylan to Sir Mix-A-lot, what goes into picking a stage name and how, for some, it can unlock their true self. This episode also features a "Mini Age Old Question," about whether Neil Young can change Spotify.Part of Pantheon Podcasts.


 June 2, 2022  48m

episode 41: What Is The Greatest Misheard Lyric of All-Time? (part 2)

This week, Rich and Clint return to the "greatest (and most hilarious) misheard lyrics of all-time." The guys discuss why Prince hates your kids, why the Stones wrote an anthem about Yugoslavia, why Robert Palmer had a beef with Michael Jackson, Bob Marley's song about pirates that are rabbis and many many more. Try not to laugh!


 May 23, 2022  23m

episode 40: What Is The Best Age Old Question Question? (part 1)

This week, Rich and Clint look back at the first 40 episodes and share some of their highlights of the first 18 months of the show. Highlights include "Can You Write A Masterpiece After The Age of 40?", "What Makes The Beatles The Best Band of All-Time?", "Is D Minor The Saddest of All Keys?", "What Happened To The Sax Solo?" and many more.#TheBeatles #VanMorrison #PhilCollins #saxophonesolosThe Age Old Question is part of Pantheon Podcasts.


 April 30, 2022  45m

episode 39: Would You Rather Be Bernie Or Elton?

In this episode, Rich and Clint ask the age old question — would you be Elton John (the star in the spotlight) or Bernie Taupin (the artist behind the scenes)? Lots of laughs, lots of incredible music and enlightening discussion about an odd and incredible collaboration that has produced some of the greatest songs in music history. Rich and Clint also discuss a similar songwriting partnership, Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter...


 March 30, 2022  52m

episode 38: Is "Free As A Bird" The Beatles' Most Impressive Hit?

In this episode, Rich and Clint make the case that "Free As A Bird," which the Beatles released in 1995, is, in fact, the band's most impressive hit. After years of acrimony and discord, after the tragic murder of John Lennon, the Fab Four were able to work together again on a "new" song. And who made it possible to bring the band back together? Yoko. Here's the story of how the song emerged and why it should be considered a gem in the Beatles' remarkable catalog...


 March 19, 2022  35m

episode 37: What Is The Greatest Misheard Lyric of All-Time?

This week, Rich and Clint discuss the greatest (and most hilarious) misheard lyrics of all-time...


 March 7, 2022  38m

episode 36: What Is The Greatest Year In Music History?

This week, Rich and Clint ask: What is the greatest year in music history? 1967? 1973? 1985? Some argue that not only is 1991 the best year, but that Sept 24th, 1991 is the single most epic day in music history. The guys discuss why, as they explore which year gave us the most greatness. Special guest Jeff Symonds weighs in on the debate.The Age Old Question is part of Pantheon Podcasts...


 February 25, 2022  46m

episode 35: What's The Ultimate Mixtape For Your Crush in 1990?

This week, Rich and Clint join forces with the "50 Years Of Music With 50 Year Old White Guys" podcast (Jeff, Ben and Tim) for a crossover episode about creating the ultimate mixtape for a crush — it's a draft format...five picks, five chances to create the best mixtape but with a very specific framework — it is January, 1990. Artists discussed include Bob Dylan, REO Speedwagon, Dire Straits, Phil Collins, Bon Jovi, Guns & Roses and more.The Age Old Question is part of Pantheon Podcasts...


 February 18, 2022  56m

episode 34: Do Lyrics Matter In A Song?

This week, Rich and Clint explore whether lyrics really matter after all. Some massive hits in popular music have some of the most insanely stupid lyrics, which reveals that lyrics might not be a critical component of a great song. Artists and bands discussed include John Cougar Mellancamp, Beyonce and Jay Z, The Black Eyed Peas, John Lennon, Cheap Trick, Beck, Pink Floyd and more. Special guest this week is Jeff Symonds.The Age Old Question is part of Pantheon Podcasts.


 January 28, 2022  43m

episode 33: Why Do The Top Classic Rock Songs of All-Time Keep Changing?

This week, Rich and Clint discuss the phenomenon of "classic rock radio" in the US. Every city in America has a classic rock station, and they all have their "countdown to the greatest songs" playlist. Even though the songs to choose from haven't changed in decades, these top 10 lists change from year to year and differ significantly by region...


 January 17, 2022  39m