The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

Chris Gammell and Dave Jones' voices span the chasm of thousands of miles each and every week to speak to each other and industry experts about where the field of electronics is moving. Whether it be a late breaking story about a large semiconductor manufacturer, a new piece of must-have test equipment or just talking through recent issues with their circuit designs, Chris and Dave try to make electronics more accessible for the listeners. Most importantly, they try and make the field of electronics more fun. Guests range from advanced hobbyists working on exciting new projects up through C-level executives at a variety of relevant and innovative companies. Tune in to learn more about electronics and then join the conversation! Visit The Amp Hour website for our back catalog of 150+ episodes.

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#513 – Audio DSP with Shannon Parks

Shannon Parks of Parks Audio joins Chris to talk about processing phono (record player) audio input using DSP and selling a digital device into a consumer market that goes crazy over analog.



#512 – Design For Longevity

Dave and Chris talk about troubleshooting electronics from afar, solar charging, car charging, bus charging and the charge of educational institutions around the world.



#511 – Brewing Electronics with Eli Hughes

Eli Hughes of TZero joins Chris to talk about creating a business around a connected brewery monitoring system and the technologies that go inside of it. Also working with processors, switching from FreeRTOS to Zephyr and working as a "Pro Support" eng...



#510 – Knob and Tube Wiring

Chris and Dave discuss EV charging, old wiring in houses, working with an RTOS, newly announced open source devices and more!



#509 – Cellular IoT with Jared Wolff

Jared Wolff joins Chris to talk about creating a cellular IoT board and all of the pitfalls along the way. He also describes recovering from tech burnout, using the Zephyr RTOS, taking a board to production, and much more!


 2020-09-21  1h5m

#508 – Doomed To The Flatland

This week Chris returns from holiday to chat with Dave about board assembly, telepresence, audio gear, pick and place machines, optics tables, and much more!


 2020-09-14  1h19m

episode 507: The Amp Hour #507 - Right To Repair with Louis Rossmann

Louis Rossmann from Rossmann Repair Group joins Dave to discuss Right To Repair legislation and repairability of products, and setting up an industry standard for independent repair. Also moving his business, realestate,


 2020-08-31  1h21m

#506 – Hipster Fodder

This week Chris and Dave record earlier than normal for a special occasion. Also they discuss battery charging, solderpaste application, firmware tutoring, SBIR grants, out of print textbooks, and much more!


 2020-08-25  1h4m

#505 – Hardware Revision Control with Kyle Dumont

Kyle Dumont of joins Chris to talk about revision control for hardware projects. Allspice takes Altium projects and makes it easier to see changes and do design reviews for new designs. They also discuss the nature of revision control and w...


 2020-08-17  1h19m

#504 – This Is Just A Tribute

This week Chris and Dave discuss a new podcast by Chris (The Contextual Electronics Podcast), gerber issues, DfM tools, ARM being up for sale again, book recommendations and the future of technology training materials.


 2020-08-10  1h12m