The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

Chris Gammell and Dave Jones' voices span the chasm of thousands of miles each and every week to speak to each other and industry experts about where the field of electronics is moving. Whether it be a late breaking story about a large semiconductor manufacturer, a new piece of must-have test equipment or just talking through recent issues with their circuit designs, Chris and Dave try to make electronics more accessible for the listeners. Most importantly, they try and make the field of electronics more fun. Guests range from advanced hobbyists working on exciting new projects up through C-level executives at a variety of relevant and innovative companies. Tune in to learn more about electronics and then join the conversation! Visit The Amp Hour website for our back catalog of 150+ episodes.

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The Amp Hour #439 – Grow A Superbrain

Chris and Dave discuss signal integrity, Kirchoff's current law and building up a new base of knowledge.


 2019-04-22  1h11m

#438 – An Interview with Bart Dring

Bart Dring joins Chris to talk about CNCs, motion control and building custom robots.


 2019-04-15  1h32m

#437 – An Interview with Chrissy Meyer

This week Chrissy Meyer of Root Ventures joins Chris to talk about DfM at large companies like Apple and Square. Also how these and other skills have translated into working with hardware startups in the venture world.


 2019-04-08  1h8m

#436 – Downward Sloping Trace

This week Dave and Chris discuss logic analyzers, layout practice, CPLDs and how heat can stack up inside a design.


 2019-04-01  1h7m

#435 – An Interview with Andreas Spiess

Andreas Spiess, "the guy with the Swiss accent" on YouTube, joins Chris to talk about connected devices and the importance of rules.


 2019-03-25  1h18m

#434 – Use The Protection Circuit

Dave and Chris discuss freezing LCDs, the cost of prototypes, swapping layer polarity in layout, designing with custom parts, and how to interface to unprotected battery cells.


 2019-03-18  1h4m

#433 – An Interview with Sam Stranks

Sam Stranks is a researcher, professor, and entrepreneur focused on making Perovskites into a commercially viable solar cell. The efficiency has been climbing at a rapid pace over the past 10 years. He joins Chris to talk about how Perovskites could le...


 2019-03-11  1h10m

#432 – Check The Dummy Box

This week Dave and Chris discuss designing hardware without specifications, upcoming conferences, working with software services on distributed hardware and how to measure current over a large dynamic range.


 2019-03-04  1h2m

#431 – An Interview with Adam McCombs

Adam McCombs joins Chris to talk about his love of scanning electron microscopes and all things in the world of minuscule measurements. Listen as he discusses repairing, moving and troubleshooting high complexity, high voltage machines.


 2019-02-25  1h16m

#430 – Shahriar Discusses 5G

Shahriar from The Signal Path returns to talk with Dave about 5G and the practical implementation of new broadband technologies. This discussion ranged from phased signal arrays to the importance of processing new information via the internet.


 2019-02-18  1h16m