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Remembering Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata

Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata died last week, aged 82. Joey and Aki are remembering the amazing man that was behind so much of Studio Ghibli's success. He had many Anime titles to his name, like Grave of the Fireflies and Pom Poko (just to name a couple). He was involved with Red Turtle too. He was very highly regarded in the industry, and joey explains why he played such a vital role in getting Studio Ghibli off the ground.


 2018-04-10  16m

EXTRA: The $10K Anime figurine Joey wants to buy

Joey reveals the time he first laid eyes on an Anime figurine worth $10,000. He is serious about wanting to purchase it. If only he had room in his house...


 2018-04-03  2m

The most expensive Anime merch

What happens when a couple both want to buy the same Anime figurine? Joey and Aki talk about the most expensive Anime figurines they've ever seen and spill on the most they've spent. Plus, findout how they make Anime merch purchase decisions, and what it would take for them to spend thousands of dollars on a figurine.


 2018-04-03  18m

EXTRA: The world's first animated YouTuber

Joey and Aki introduce you to the (self-proclaimed) world's first animated YouTuber. In the country where YouTubers are highly embraced, one of the hottest personalities is just a series of ones and zeros.


 2018-03-27  2m

Joey and Aki's favourite anime is finally getting a sequel

One of Joey and Aki's favourite anime is getting a sequel after 18 years! The pair describe why it's such a great Anime and why the sequal's hype is real. Plus they preview an upcoming live-action adaptation of an Anime series (which hopefully won't suck), and some news about Kizuna Ai, the first animated YouTuber.


 2018-03-27  26m

EXTRA: Advice for learning languages

Joey shares his experiences learning Japanese and shares some wisdom for those learning new languages.


 2018-03-20  1m

Going to school as a young Anime fan

Flying solo this week, Joey talks about his history with all things Otaku. Which manga and anime he grew up with. How he got so good at Japanese, and he reveals some of the hardships he faced going to school as a young anime fan.


 2018-03-20  26m

Extra: How to please your Otaku partner

Joey steps out of his comfort zone and reveals the little thing he does that makes Aki very happy.


 2018-03-13  5m

The life of an Otaku couple

What its like to be an Otaku couple. Joey and Aki explain about the weird and wonderful things they get up to at Anime conventions, and let us know if they'd ever do couple cosplay. Plus there's one topic they only ever have fights about.


 2018-03-13  25m

EXTRA: If Anime awards were like the Oscars

Joey has an opinion on how the winners for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards are chosen, and Aki has a clear prediction on the film that would end up winning a lot of awards if it was chosen like the Oscars.


 2018-03-06  0m