The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm is where self-motivated people, just like you, come to learn from the company’s coaches about to how to master human dynamics, relationships, and becoming your best self with the help of Johnny and AJ, the company’s founders. Johnny and AJ bring their 11 years of coaching experience from their famous Bootcamps, where they host clients in Los Angeles from all over the world and they share their stories, best practices and themselves on this weekly podcast. Not only does The Art of Charm help everyday people, including active members of the military, learn how to become higher performers, better spouses, partners, and coworkers, they dig deep into human behavior, the science behind it, and demystify what we do and why we do it.

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episode 760: 760: Parents, Part 1: Motherhood and Transformation

Just as teenagers go through hormonal change and a reshaping of identity, matrescence operates in a similar fashion. Understanding and preparing for this life chapter can bring a more rich and meaningful experience to parenthood.



episode 759: 759: 5 Signals to Send When Dating

Dating can seem like a torturous uphill battle for many men and women, but it doesn’t have to be - understanding how and why we are attracted to one another can have a significant positive impact on your ability to find happiness in your love life, but how do you take the science behind attraction and use it to make dating fun and engaging? What is signaling theory?What are fitness indicators and why are they so important to understand in the dating scenario?What scientifically is shown to...




episode 757: 757: The New Rules to Dating

Dating has evolved due to the influence of technology and the way we communicate - but has the evolution been for the good of all, are all these options helping or hindering us, and why is it still just as important to meet face to face instead of trying to connect via text? What to Listen ForHow do dating apps remove the fun from dating and what can you do to make dating fun again?How do you create chemistry with someone you’re interested in?What are the three ways you can meet someone you...



episode 756: 756: Vulnerability: A Key to a Successful Relationship | Q&A w/ Jill Coleman

Relationships are built on trust, but that trust must be maintained over the years with intentional conversations to ensure that both people are on the same page - but how do you approach those conversations in a way that is healthy and promotes open & honest communication so that both of you are comfortable discussing uncomfortable topics?t What to Listen ForHow did Jill Coleman get into the fitness industry and find her calling?What can you do to overcome the negativity when it comes to...



episode 755: 755: Life Advice: From the Oldest and the Wisest

Many of us tend to overlook one of the greatest sources of wisdom in our lives - our elders - but how much can you learn from one simple conversation, what can you do to better connect with your elders, and what are the secrets to a long and happy life? What to Listen ForWhy is it important to maintain relationships with our elders and what can we learn from them, even in a technology dominated world?Are older generations facing the same level of loneliness that modern generations seem to...


 2019-04-22  1h6m

episode 754: 754: Why Craving Pain Is Human

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is one of the most effective methods to increase psychological flexibility - but what exactly is ACT, how can it decrease the suffering in your life, and why is it so crucial to leading a happy and fulfilling life, especially in this day and age? What to Listen ForWhat is the bus driver metaphor and how can you use it to prevent your thoughts and feelings from controlling you?What is ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and why is it so effective?What...


 2019-04-15  1h22m

episode 753: 753: Love, Money and Relationships

In a world of seemingly limitless options, how can you know if a person is THE person for you, what questions can you ask yourself to determine if you’re even ready for a relationship, and how do you stop money from driving you two apart the way it does for countless relationships and marriages? What to Listen ForHow can you know who to settle down with in a world of seemingly limitless options?What are 3 questions to ask yourself to help you understand if you’re with the right person?Why is...


 2019-04-08  1h8m

episode 752: 752: Essential Tools for Navigating the Everyday

Uncertainty is an unavoidable part of life, and for many, it can feel overwhelming - but what important lessons can your relationship with uncertainty teach you, how can you improve the relationship with uncertainty, and what are some real-world examples of handling uncertainty in a positive way? What to Listen ForHow can purpose help you overcome and push through uncertainty in life when making big decisions as well as small decisions?What exercise can you start doing now to help you deal...


 2019-04-01  1h17m

episode 751: 751: Managing Happiness w/ David Henzel | Q&A

Your habits and systems determine how successful you can become, but what habits and systems can you implement in your professional life and personal life to reduce unnecessary stress and frustration while creating more space in your calendar and your mind to focus on the important things? What to Listen ForWhat role do habits and systems play in determining your potential for success?How do you balance life and work as an entrepreneur?What is David Henzel’s definition of happiness and how...


 2019-03-25  1h24m