The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm is where self-motivated people, just like you, come to learn from the company’s coaches about to how to master human dynamics, relationships, and becoming your best self with the help of Johnny and AJ, the company’s founders. Johnny and AJ bring their 11 years of coaching experience from their famous Bootcamps, where they host clients in Los Angeles from all over the world and they share their stories, best practices and themselves on this weekly podcast. Not only does The Art of Charm help everyday people, including active members of the military, learn how to become higher performers, better spouses, partners, and coworkers, they dig deep into human behavior, the science behind it, and demystify what we do and why we do it.

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782: Networking Advice No One Tells You

The best networkers prepare for networking events in order to get the most out of them, but how do you go about preparing for a networking event, what are the do’s and don’ts of networking, and is your first impression shooting you in the foot before you even open your mouth? What to Listen ForWhat are the do’s and don’ts of networking?How do you handle a networking event if you’re an introvert?What can you do to prepare for a networking event, and do you even need to?How can a bad (or even a...



781: How To Grow Your Network Through Social Capital

Introduction Networking has picked up a bad rap over the years, but what exactly is networking, how is your network different from your social circle, and how do you go about building a strong network full of great people and amazing opportunities? What to Listen ForWhat is the difference between your social circle and your network, and how can the misunderstanding of the difference lead to a loss of opportunities, both personally and professionally?What are the biggest myths surrounding...



episode 780: 780: Extreme Negotiations from Battlefield to Boardroom with Aram Donigian

Some of the most intense and important negotiations humanity has witnessed have taken place in and around the field of battle, but how much do they have in common with the negotiations we engage in on a daily basis, what can civilians learn from how the military successfully approaches its negotiations, and what 5 strategies can you implement today in order to improve your negotiation skills? What to Listen ForWhat are the most common mistakes people make when negotiating and what can you do to...



779: How To Negotiate With Friends, Build Credibility and Detach From Your Ego with Wil Schroter

In today’s episode we talk with Wil Schroter. Will is a serial entrepreneur who has started 9 companies since 1994 and sold 4 of them to date. He is currently the CEO and founder of, the world's largest startup launch platform. A Word From Our Sponsors Share your vulnerabilities, victories, and questions in our 17,000-member private Facebook group at



778: 3 Steps to Make Any Negotiation Bulletproof

Some of the most important decisions in your life involve negotiating with someone more experienced than you, so what can you do today to make sure you are well prepared for every negotiation to come?  What to Listen ForWhat can you do to make sure you’re not shooting yourself in the foot when negotiating?What is the difference between negotiating from a place of cooperation versus position?How are you killing opportunities by negotiating with a competitive mindset and what mindset should you...


 2019-09-16  52m

777: Negotiating: 4 Things You Must Know + Why Fighting For The Biggest Slice Doesn't Help

The thought of negotiating can instill feelings of discomfort in many of us because we associate negotiating with trying to create a win for us and a loss for the person we are negotiating with, but how would that change if you had the knowledge and confidence to come up with a win-win for just about every negotiation you entered into? What to Listen ForWhere do the misconceptions surrounding negotiating come from and how can a few simple changes in perception improve your ability to...


 2019-09-09  1h1m

776: Eric Weinstein Learns the Art of Charm. Part 2 (Find Your Voice)

Finding your voice as an individual is vital to realizing your potential and building a life that allows you to be the best version of yourself, but what does it mean to find your voice, what steps can you take today to discover it, and why will most people die before ever finding their voice? What to Listen ForHow do you define a successful networking event and what can you do to make your next networking event a success?Why is it important to discover your voice and use it to express your...


 2019-09-03  31m

775: Your Tough Questions About Decision Making Answered

The narratives we create for ourselves influence everything from life-changing decisions down to what we eat and how we spend our free time, but what exactly is a narrative and how do you go about creating a positive one that pulls you in the direction you want to go in life? What to Listen ForHow do you justify a career change if you already have the “perfect” job?What is the one thing you take with you every time you leave a job for a new one, and how can you use that to minimize the regret...


 2019-08-26  57m

774: The 3 Most Common Hurdles in Decision Making, And How to Avoid Them

We make decisions throughout every single day of our lives, but only a certain type of decision can lead to regret later on, so how can you identify those decisions before you make them, what can you do to minimize or eliminate any regret they may cause, and what can you do to become a better decision-maker? What to Listen ForWhy are some decisions harder than others and how do those decisions make for good self-development?Why do we feel regret and how can we turn it around to use it as a...


 2019-08-19  1h6m

773: Eric Weinstein Meets The Art Of Charm. Part 1 (Why we need The Portal)

Technology has an increasing influence on our lives, but did you know even small concentrated doses, such as working all day on a computer (aka a “tech coma”), can have a significant impact on your ability to interact with other people in healthy? What to Listen ForWhat is Eric Weinstein trying to do with his new podcast and why should you listen to it?What does the world of professional wrestling know about psychology that most psychology professors and researchers don’t?What is the...


 2019-08-12  1h9m