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The AskHistorians Podcast showcases the knowledge and enthusiasm of the AskHistorians community, a forum of nearly 1.4 million history academics, professionals, amateurs, and curious onlookers. The aim is to be a resource accessible to a wide range of listeners for historical topics which so often go overlooked. Together, we have a broad array of people capable of speaking in-depth on topics that get half a page on Wikipedia, a paragraph in a high-school textbook, and not even a minute on the History channel. The podcast aims to give a voice (literally!) to those areas of history, while not neglecting the more commonly covered topics. Part of the drive behind the podcast is to be a counterpoint to other forms of popular media on history which only seem to cover the same couple of topics in the same couple of ways over and over again.

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AskHistorians Podcast Episode 181: Questions on Greek and Roman Society with u/Toldinstone

In this episode, /u/Kugelfang52 talks with /u/Toldinstone about various topics of interest from his upcoming book on Greek and Roman society, Naked Statues, Fat Gladiators, and War Elephants. Included are the following questions: "Did they believe in...


 2021-09-03  43m

AskHistorians Podcast Episode 180: Women in Medieval Warfare with /u/Hergrim

In this episode, /u/EnclavedMicrostate talks with /u/Hergrim about women in medieval warfare, and at how their actual roles diverged from those prescribed by the authorities of the day and many today imagine them. Discussed are how women fought in...


 2021-08-19  34m

AskHistorians Podcast Minisode - Connecticut WWI Veterans with /u/IlluminatiRex

In this episode, /u/EnclavedMicrostate talks with /u/IlluminatiRex about veterans of the First World War who, either before or after the war, lived in one town in Connecticut, and about how the local histories of small towns fit into the history of...


 2021-08-05  17m

AskHistorians Podcast Episode 179 - Adam Contzen's Ten Books of Politics with The Contzen Project

Tyler Alderson talks with Dr. Jacob Baum, Dr. Sydnor Roy, and John T Conrad about their project translating Adam Contzen's Ten Books of Politics. The Ten Books has never been translated out of its seventeenth-century neo-Latin, and the...


 2021-07-22  1h4m

AskHistorians Minisode - Was Beethoven Black? with Tyler Alderson

Morgan Lewin and Tyler Alderson discuss the popular urban legend that classical music composer Ludwig van Beethoven was actually Black. While the answer is a definitive "no," the reasons for this myth's enduring popularity say a lot about race, class,...


 2021-07-02  39m

AskHistorians Podcast Episode 178 - History of Native California with Willy Bauer and Damon Akins

Tyler Alderson talks with the authors of the book We Are The Land: A History of Native California about the struggles and triumphs of indigenous people, and what lies ahead. Also discussed is the process of writing a wide-ranging history, and how to...


 2021-06-25  49m

AskHistorians Podcast Episode 177 - The Argentine Revolution

In this episode, /u/EnclavedMicrostate talks with Seb Lewin ( /u/aquatermain ) about the circumstances surrounding the May Revolution of 1810 against Spain, and how the road to independence started for the United Provinces of Río de la Plata and the...


 2021-06-11  57m

AskHistorians Podcast Episode 176 - Catalan Art Songs with Jess Munoz

In this episode, Jess Munoz talks to u/Aquatermain about his new album of Catalan art songs. Munoz discusses the history of the Catalan language and its suppression, and how you learn to sing in a language that you don't speak. More information about...


 2021-06-03  56m

AskHistorians Podcast Minisode - Causes of the Great War

In this episode, Morgan Lewin (/u/aquatermain) talks to Avan (/u/Starwarsnerd222) about the geopolitical causes of the First World War. 29 mins.


 2021-05-27  28m

AskHistorians Podcast Episode 175 - The 275th Anniversary of Culloden with Dr Darren Layne

In this episode, Dr Darren Layne (u/Funkyplaid) talks to u/Aquatermain about the 275th anniversary of the battle of Culloden and the end of the Jacobite uprising. Topics include Darren's work on the digital history of Jacobitism, the myth and reality...


 2021-05-22  49m