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I believe anyone can share a message to change the world, and podcasting is the BEST way to spread that message! I'm Daniel J. Lewis and this is where I give you the guts and teach you the tools to launch or improve your own podcast for sharing your passions and finding success! I cover audio gear, video equipment, editing software, WordPress and plugins, social media promotion tools, marketing, and more with understandable in-depth information and easy-to-follow steps. If you want to know how to podcast or grow the show you already have, then this show is for you! Have a podcasting question or suggestion? email or call (903) 231-2221. Please subscribe and I will give you THE AUDACITY to podcast!



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      episode 323: Should You Podcast with a Cohost?

      Should you podcast alone, or get a cohost? Cohosts can make some things easier, some things harder. Here's help you to pick what's right for your podcasting.

      Potential benefits podcasting with a cohost

      First, let's focus on the positives, and probably the reasons you're thinking of podcasting with a cohost.

      1. A cohost can bring additional content and perspective

      Unless you have a mental clone, another person on your podcast will have a different perspective from d...



      episode 322: 6 Times to Follow Up in Podcasting

      Effective follow-up can make a huge difference to the growth and success of your podcast. Here are some tips to help you!

      1. Follow up after publishing episodes

      Your work isn't done when you click publish. Now, it's time to promote that episode!

      Share it on your social-network accounts Pull out quotable moments to turn into images, “audiograms” (such as with Wavve), and tweets Send an email to subscribers Share it in relevant communities where...



      episode 321: Avoid These Mistakes If You Go to Events

      Attending events relevant or beneficial to your podcast can hold exciting opportunities—unless you make these mistakes.

      I also recommend you listen to “How to Get the Most from Podcasting and Social-Media Conferences” (episode 229) and “9 Tips for How to Grow Your Audience by Attending Social-Media Events” (episode 54).

      Going without a plan

      You may be tempted to wait until you're at the event to go with your feelings on decisions, but this oft...



      episode 320: What Is Podcasting PROFIT?

      To “profit” from your podcast means money to many people. But I think “PROFIT” stands for something more, and every podcast needs it!

      Make PROFIT stand for something

      I like the profound philosophical sound of that headline, but I also mean that PROFIT is an acrostic for the different types of profit a podcast can bring:

      Popularity Relationships Opportunities Fun Income Tangibles

      Thus, profiting from your podcast can mean much more than m...



      episode 319: Best Podcasting Gear for Event Interviews

      Recording audio or video podcasts at an event can present many challenges. Here's the onsite podcasting equipment I recommend to make your production great!

      No one expects studio quality

      Events are noisy, but that's okay for your podcast as long as the primary voices can be heard and understood above the noise.

      You don't have to run noise removal. When your audience knows the context of the recording, they'll be more forgiving of a difference in quality. You don't...



      episode 318: What Does It Take to Make Your Podcast Better?

      If your podcast isn't improving, it might be stagnating. This can hurt your growth and your potential. Here's what you need to improve!

      If you want to make your podcast better, the best way I know (because I designed it for this) is to join Podcasters' Society. It reopens this week!


      Getting better means something has to change. That could mean adding, removing, or improving any aspect of your podcast.

      Consider a marriage. The relationship won't get any ...



      episode 317: 3 Options for Minimal and Portable Podcasting Gear

      You may not need to spend thousands on multiple pieces of audio equipment to get a good-sounding podcast. Here are modern solutions.

      Audio equipment has significantly matured since I first talked about bare minimum equipment in my early few episodes. Back then, I still recommended a microphone and mixer. Today, the options are a lot simpler and more versatile!

      IMPORTANT: Preorder The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary

      I believe anyone can share a message to change t...



      episode 316: How to Start Using the New iTunes Podcast Tags for iOS 11

      With the release of iOS 11, Apple supports new podcasting tags for your podcast RSS feed. Here's how you can start using them today.

      What are the new and updated iTunes tags for podcasts?

      At WWDC 2017, Apple announced iOS 11 and released information about new tags being added to the iTunes podcasting spec and coming support in the Apple Podcasts app.

      <itunes:type> (show/channel level): “episodic” for non-chronological episodes that will behave as ...



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      Thanks for listening to The Audacity to Podcast, a proud member of Noodle Mix Network! If you appreciate our podcasts, we would be honored if you would nominate three of our shows in this year’s podcast awards. The process is much easier now, and there’s no more daily voting. So you only have to do this once and before July 31.

      Here’s how to do it (and it takes only a couple minutes):

      Visit and click the large nomination button at the top. Then, either creat...



      episode 315: How to Get People to Share Your Podcast

      Word of mouth is the best way to grow your podcast. Here's how you can inspire and equip your audience to share your podcast.

      Make a great podcast

      Nothing else you can do to your podcast matters as much as making a great podcast. If your podcast is horrible, then no one will want to share it, regardless of how easy you make the process.

      When people consume content, they're looking for one or both of these two things:

      They want to be helped—inspired, educated, m...