The Audacity to Podcast

I believe anyone can share a message to change the world, and podcasting is the BEST way to spread that message! I'm Daniel J. Lewis and this is where I give you the guts and teach you the tools to launch or improve your own podcast for sharing your passions and finding success! I cover all things podcasting: audio gear, video equipment, editing software, WordPress and plugins, social media promotion tools, marketing, and more with understandable in-depth information and easy-to-follow steps. If you want to know how to podcast or grow the show you already have, this show is for you! Have a podcasting question or suggestion? Email or call (903) 231-2221. Please subscribe and I will give you THE AUDACITY to podcast!

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How serious are you about improving and growing your podcast?


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Who has the final say for your podcast?


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episode 345: Labeling Podcasters: Hobbyist vs. Professional

Do you podcast for the fun or art of it, or to build a business? In this miniseries, I'll explore the different labels used to describe podcasters and encourage you to own your label with pride! How are hobbyist and professional podcasters similar? 1.


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episode 344: 7 Kinds of Podcast Images for Marketing and Branding

Even though podcasting is usually an audio-only experience, attractive images can enhance your podcast branding and help you promote your podcast better!


 2020-05-05  41m

episode 343: Are There Too Many Podcasts?

On Friday, April 17, 2020, Apple Podcasts surpassed 1 million valid podcasts in their catalog. So have we reached “peak podcast”? Is it too late to start a podcast? Will your podcast only be lost in the sea of over 1 million other podcasts?


 2020-04-28  30m

episode 342: Why Noodle Mix Network Retired

Did you know I once directed a podcast network? I retired it in spring 2019, and here are some lesson I hope can help you. The network's history I founded Noodle Mix Network (originally called “ Network,


 2020-04-21  38m

episode 341: How to Transfer Recordings Faster from the RØDECaster Pro

Here are some tips to help with one of the biggest complaints I've heard about the RØDECaster Pro.


 2020-04-14  23m

episode 340: Overcoming Perfectionism in Podcasting

What I'm learning, doing, and reminding myself to overcome perfectionism. I hope this will help you in your own podcasting journey, too.


 2020-04-07  45m

Start your podcast with my 1-day Podcast Master Class

If you’re eager to start your podcast but feel overwhelmed, afraid, or paralyzed, I want to equip and educate you to finally take action and launch your podcast! I’m doing that through a 1-day intensive, live, online,


 2020-01-27  8m

episode 339: There Are Now More than 800,000 Podcasts, and More Industry Stats

On December 10, 2019, Apple Podcasts surpassed 800,000 valid podcasts! Here's some more information and statistics on the podcast industry, with data from My Podcast Reviews.


 2019-12-17  39m