The Big Picture

The Ringer dives into movies as Sean Fennessey sits down with Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers, breaks down the latest industry trends, handicaps the upcoming Oscars race, and reviews new films with Ringer colleagues like Shea Serrano, Amanda Dobbins, and Bill Simmons.

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episode 10: 'Free Fire’ Director Ben Wheatley | The Big Picture (Ep. 10)

Ringer Editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey sits down with director Ben Wheatley to discuss his latest film, Free Fire (0:10), getting sought out by star actors and directors like Armie Hammer and Martin Scorsese (6:40), and striking a balance between entertaining and traumatizing an audience (14:40).


 2017-04-21  30m

episode 9: ‘The Lost City of Z’ Director James Gray | The Big Picture (Ep. 9)

Ringer editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey sits down with acclaimed director James Gray to discuss the high stakes of filming his new movie, The Lost City of Z, in the jungle, the near-impossible task of making a classic film, and why he isn’t interested in making a television series.


 2017-04-13  35m

episode 8: Jake Johnson and Joe Swanberg on Their New Film ‘Win It All’ | The Big Picture (Ep. 8)

The Ringer’s Chris Ryan and Sean Fennessey sit down with actor Jake Johnson and director Joe Swanberg to discuss their new gambling film Win It All, why they wanted to make a movie for Netflix, and what it’s like teaming up for multiple projects.


 2017-04-07  46m

episode 7: ‘The Discovery’ Director Charlie McDowell | The Big Picture (Ep. 7)

The Ringer's Editor-in-Chief Sean Fennessey sits down with director Charlie McDowell to discuss his new film The Discovery (1:55), casting Robert Redford (12:58), being one of Netflix's first major features (21:05) and how to pull off an ending with a twist (18:45).


 2017-03-31  33m

episode 6: Interview With 'Get Out' Director Jordan Peele | The Big Picture (Ep. 6)

Ringer editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey sits down with writer-director Jordan Peele (of 'Key & Peele' fame) to discuss his new hit film, 'Get Out,' how and why he made it, and its overwhelmingly positive reception. Peele also talks about ideas for alternate scenes and endings as well as his reasoning behind some of the movie's most pivotal moments.


 2017-03-09  38m

episode 5: 'A Cure for Wellness' Director Gore Verbinski on Making Something Outside the Box and the Future of the Industry | The Big Picture (Ep. 5)

Gore Verbinski has been directing movies for two decades now, including The Ring, Rango, The Lone Ranger, and the first three Pirates of the Caribbean features. His latest picture, A Cure for Wellness, breaks away from big-budget Hollywood features with a lesser-known cast and unique premise. On the latest Channel 33 episode, he spoke with Sean Fennessey about the joy in making something different and the future of the industry.


 2017-02-17  31m

episode 4: Barry Jenkins on Crafting the Sincerity of ‘Moonlight’ | The Big Picture (Ep. 4)

Barry Jenkins’s Moonlight is one of the heavyweights in this year’s Academy Awards race, racking up eight nominations. The film was the first movie for Jenkins in eight years, and provided particular challenges due to limited funding and time. One way he overcame those obstacles and made his movie unique was by casting non-actors alongside actors, something he discussed with Ringer editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey.


 2017-02-09  32m

episode 3: Interview With ‘O.J.: Made in America’ Director Ezra Edelman | The Big Picture (Ep. 3)

Ringer editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey sits down with filmmaker Ezra Edelman to discuss the making of O.J.: Made in America, his epic eight-hour Oscar-nominated documentary examining O.J. Simpson’s rise and fall through the lens of race, place, celebrity, and time.


 2017-02-03  56m

episode 2: Interview With ‘20th Century Women’ Director Mike Mills | The Big Picture (Ep. 2)

Mike Mills’s past two films — Beginners and 20th Century Women — have both been semi-autobiographical. Beginners focuses on Mills’s father, who came out at age 75 shortly before his death, while 20th Century Women is based on Mills’s mother as a way to look at the 1970s. On Channel 33, Sean Fennessey talked to Mills about his experience making the films, and how he blends his own childhood with his art.


 2017-01-19  38m

episode 1: Interview With 'Hidden Figures' Director Ted Melfi | The Big Picture (Ep. 1)

The Ringer's Sean Fennessey sits down with Ted Melfi to discuss the success of his latest film, Hidden Figures (1:10), and how it came about (3:19), as well as the difficulties of making an entertaining movie about math (8:00). Melfi also shares what it's like working with Taraji P. Henson (18:27) and Kevin Costner (21:15), getting Pharrell to score his movie (29:20), and how he feels about the "Hidden Fences" mishap (38:45).


 2017-01-13  41m