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episode 235: Fenian Sandwich Sectarian Carrot

How the Subway sandwich traces its roots to 19th century physical force Irish republicanism, and the sectarian history of domesticated carrots


 2022-03-23  54m

episode 234: Avocado Salt Bae and the Legend of St. Patricks Hole

St.Patricks day episode. Boiling hot takes about the Irish cultural footprint. Exploring why Salt Bae speaks English with a Limerick accent. And unearthing the legend of st patricks hole where Pilgrims have seen Purgatory for a thousand years


 2022-03-16  57m

episode 233: Talking to a psychologist about Creativity

Prof Anna Abraham is a psychologist and neuroscientist who studies creativity and the human imagination. We chat about everything from creative flow, to the Beatles to Neurodiversity. We sat down as part of Creative Brain Week


 2022-03-09  1h40m

episode 232: A mental health plan for when the News is overwhelming

How I manage feelings of anxiety and depression when the News cycle gets me down. So that I can have compassion, empathy and be functional, while still keeping informed and caring about world events.


 2022-03-02  1h12m

episode 231: A theory about the colour Grey

A Hot Take about the colour grey that delves into the history of offices, renaissance paintings and 2000 year old monasteries


 2022-02-23  1h1m

episode 230: What is Mindfulness? With Dermot Whelan

Dermot Whelan is a comedian, presenter, and certified teacher in mindfulness and meditation. During this chat we have serious craic and speak about how mindfulness and meditation has changed both of our lives for the better.


 2022-02-16  1h54m

episode 22: The Styrofoam Shepherd

Barefoot accountant update. The story of a Chilean Book which was a Marxist critique of Donald Duck, an attempt to create a socialist internet in 1971 and the CIA backed fascist coup that ended it all


 2022-02-09  1h3m

episode 228: The Barefoot Accountant

Hot Take Episode Last week there was a standoff between Irish Fishermen and The Russian Navy. I draw a connection between this and a proposed plan to breed cats that glow in the dark around Nuclear Waste, as a warning to future humans.


 2022-02-02  1h22m

episode 227: The Psychology of Aesops Fables

A hot take about Aesops fables and what they say about the human condition


 2022-01-26  1h17m

episode 226: Stories for Geriatric Millennials

I speak about what life was like before the internet


 2022-01-19  1h12m