The Bodcast

The Bodcast is Bustle's biweekly podcast about the experience of living in a body in 2017. Themes include abortion, immigration, gender identity, and more. Host: Amanda Richards Producers: Pierre Bienaimé & Anna Parsons

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Body Positivity In A Genderqueer Body (Feat. Meg Zulch)

In the last year or so, we've arguably seen more visibility for gender non-conforming and trans identities than ever before, with spotlights on public personas like Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, and Caitlyn Jenner and television shows like Transparent hitting our streams...


 2016-06-01  38m

'Dietland', Diet Culture, & The "Thin Woman Within" (Feat. Sarai Walker)

Author of fat positive and feminist novel Dietland, Sarai Walker is here to debunk everything you thought you knew about diet culture and awaiting the appearance of the "thin woman within." Getting real about the tragic and unnecessary experiences so many fat individuals are put through, Sarai wants everyone to know that life doesn't start when you lose weight. You're already living it.


 2016-05-25  36m

Fat Fashion w/ Sarah Chiwaya: Breaking Rules & Wearing The Crop Tops

Although there are more stylish plus size clothing options available now than ever before, people above a size 20 still can't walk into any store of their choosing and find something to take home. All the while, fat women in particular are bombarded with rule upon rule of styles they can and cannot wear. Plus blogger Sarah Chiwaya of Curvilly is here to talk about the ins and outs of plus size fashion, the options we have (and don't have), and why fat fashion is so political.


 2016-05-19  39m

Dating As A Fat Babe: What You Need To Know (Feat. Nerd About Town's Stephanie)

The biggest myth surrounding dating as a plus size human is that no one could possibly ever be attracted to a fat body. And if they are, something must be wrong. Join Marie Southard Ospina and Nerd About Town’s Stephanie Yeboah as they dissect some truths and fables of dating as a fat babe. Spoiler: Lots of people are attracted to fat bodies. Find Stephanie @NerdAboutTown on Twitter and Instagram.


 2016-05-11  32m

Fat Fetishism & BBW Modeling (Feat. Plump Princess)

There are arguably few subjects as polarizing within body positive and plus size communities as fat fetishism. While it's often demonized as perverse or manipulative, BBW modeling legend Plump Princess is here to explain why such assumptions might not be all that justified.


 2016-05-04  34m

Why Do We Assign Moral Values To Food & Bodies? (feat. Bad Fat Broads, Ariel and KC)

The Bad Fat Broads, Ariel Woodson and KC Slack, are here to talk about the ways in which we assign moral values to the food we eat and the bodies we live in — and why this needs to stop.


 2016-04-27  37m

Nudity, Photoactivism, & Broadening The Beauty Ideal (feat. Substantia Jones)

Substantia Jones joins us to discuss how she uses photography and nudity to explore beauty standards and promote body acceptance.


 2016-04-20  36m

Let's Talk Fat Positivity & Radical Self-Acceptance (feat. Ushshi)

Marie Southard-Ospina is joined by fashion blogger and fat activist Ushshi to discuss the history of the body and fat positivity movement and everything you need to know about the community. Ushshi's Instagram & Blog: | Senior Producer: Anna Parsons Producer: Sarah Barrett


 2016-04-06  35m