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episode 28: Three Mining Companies in a Trenchcoat

Dan and Riley look into the history of Canadian development aid, and how successive Liberal and Conservative governments use those funds to facilitate the mining industry around the world.


 2021-05-16  1h7m

episode 27: PREVIEW Victims of Victims of Communism Part 3: Operation Mapleclip

It's the third instalment in our series looking at Tribute (ahem) to Liberty's slapstick attempt to build a monument to anticommunism. In this episode, we look specifically at some of the dedications in depth, from "ideas" like freedom and SUV's, to...


 2021-05-11  10m

episode 26: A Cronk to Cronkmember ft. Neonwario

Rylan (@neonwario) hangs out with Dan and Riley to talk about Canada's rich tradition of business dullards, then we crack open our recent history books and try to get a sense of how the ultimate Business Dullard Profession (landlord and/or property owner...


 2021-05-06  1h14m

episode 25: UNLOCKED: Hyperobjects in Mirror May be Closer Than They Appear ft. Jeff VanderMeer

Dan and Riley sit down with science fiction author Jeff VanderMeer, author of the bestselling Southern Reach trilogy, Borne, and numerous other works of weird brilliance. We discuss ecology, the power of storytelling, and what it means to have hope in a ...


 2021-05-05  1h4m

episode 24: PREVIEW: Victims of Victims of Communism Part 2: Kenney's Complaint

Riley and Dan have once again looked into the long shadows cast over the latter half of the 20th century by fascism. This episode explores how the anticommunist groups and a succession of Conservative and Liberal governments made common cause in the ere...


 2021-05-03  5m

episode 23: CultCon ft. Karen Geier

Dan and Riley speak to writer and podcaster Karen Geier about the different cults that have long cropped up around Canada. We talk Brother XII, Raelians, The Order of the Solar Temple, and so many more! Don't forget we have fo...


 2021-04-29  1h4m

episode 22: PREVIEW: Canada's Mayor ft. Max Palma

In this preview, Max (@sweetxpalma) from Seeking Derangements (@SSDERANGEMENTSS) joins Dan and Riley to explore the many goof-em-ups of Rob Ford, a notable oaf. Check out for the entire saga!


 2021-04-25  9m

episode 21: Victims of Victims of Communism

Dan and Riley look into the history and politics of "Black Ribbon Day," and its connection to anticommunist movements in Canadian history. We also pose the age old question: what are all these nazis doing associated with my liberal anticommunist organisa...


 2021-04-21  59m

episode 20: PREVIEW: The Nygard Files (Part 2) ft. TrueAnon

A preview of the second of our two-part investigation in Peter Nygard with Brace and Liz from TrueAnon, focusing this time on the political elements of his tenure in the Bahamas, corruption, and his bizarre obsession with immortality.Get the full episode...


 2021-04-16  10m

episode 19: The Nygard Files (Part 1) ft. TrueAnon

TrueAnon's very own Brace and Liz join Dan and Riley for a two-part deep-dive on the life and times of billionaire Canadian monster, Peter Nygard. We look at the basics of the Nygard case, the parallels (or lack thereof) with the Epstein case, and then e...


 2021-04-15  1h1m