The Bottlemen

Dan Boeckner and Riley Quinn pouring a little bit of maple poison into your brain weekly, here and on Patreon.

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episode 8: PREVIEW: Can Con Q-Anon (ft. Q-Anon Anonymous)

Firstly: say the name of the episode in tune with the song "Playground Bangaround" from the Paedogeddon episode of Brass Eye. Secondly: Julian, Jake, and Liv from the Q-Anon Anonymous podcast stopped by for an exploration of the Q-Anon movement, its most...


 2021-03-05  4m

episode 7: The SNCpranos ft. Well There's Your Problem

Dan and Riley are joined by Alice, Liam, and Justin from Well There's Your Problem (a podcast about engineering disasters with slides), to talk about the huge amounts of corruption that crop up in public sector contracts, the chequered history of Canadia...


 2021-03-02  1h7m

episode 6: PREVIEW: Forget it Jake, it's Verdansktown ft. Jesse Hawken

  @Raaleh and @DanBoeckner are joined by the Jesse Hawken (@JesseHawken) of the Junk Filter podcast ( to watch a good old fashioned bit of consent manufacturing with a Netflix production landfill twist... Outside The Wir...


 2021-02-26  4m

episode 5: CANDEMIC ft. Nora Loreto

Riley and Dan talk to researcher, journalist, and author Nora Loreto (@NoLoreto) about her research into Canada's (mis)handling of the Covid pandemic. Did you know that long term care facilities, in many cases, basically don't count deaths? Did you know ...


 2021-02-23  57m

episode 4: PREVIEW: The Original Never Trump Conservative (ft. Andray Domise)

Dan and Riley are joined by Andray Domise to discuss the life and work of Canada's favourite war booster and "Axis of Evil" impresario, David Frum.   Get the full episode here:


 2021-02-18  4m

episode 3: MCANULTRA ft. Michael Judge

Michael Judge (@corpseinorbit) from Death is Around the Corner joins Dan and Riley to explore a uniquely maple-flavoured bit of espionage history and parapolitics. We discuss Canada's role in the MKULTRA programme, and how spies and doctors helped engine...


 2021-02-15  1h11m

episode 2: PREVIEW: Western FAILienation ft. Bertovo

Alberta boy Aaron (@Bertovo) from Chapo FYM (@ChapoFYM) joins us for a deep dive into WEXIT.  Can the Wild Rose of Canada achieve its goal of becoming landlocked white Saudi Arabia or is it all just a PIPE dream? Get the full episode on Patreon! https://...


 2021-02-08  5m

episode 1: Canaduhhh ft. Luke Savage

The Bottlemen is a podcast by Riley (@raaleh) and Dan (@DanBoeckner) where we talk about Canada. In this episode we do a little table setting and discuss "Canadian Exceptionalism" with Luke Savage (@LukeWSavage) of Jacobin and the Michael and Us podcast ...


 2021-02-03  1h7m