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Newsmakers meet New Yorkers as host Brian Lehrer and his guests take on the issues dominating conversation in New York and around the world. This daily program from WNYC Studios cuts through the usual talk radio punditry and brings a smart, humane approach to the day's events and what matters most in local and national politics, our own communities and our lives. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including Radiolab, On the Media, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy, and many others.

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What’s in Biden’s New Student Loan Forgiveness Plan?

The White House says that President Biden’s new student loan forgiveness plan could help 30 million borrowers. Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, national higher education reporter at the Washington Post, shares her reporting and unpacks the details.



Reporters Ask the Mayor: Homelessness on the Subway, Mayoral Control of Schools and More

Mayor Adams holds one off-topic press conference per week, where reporters can ask him questions on any subject. Elizabeth Kim, Gothamist and WNYC reporter, recaps what he talked about at this week's event, including how the NYPD should engage with the homeless on the subway, mayoral control of schools and much more.



Smoking in Secret

Emily Gould, novelist and writer for New York Magazine, talks about the secret smoking habits of moms in New York City, plus, listeners expose their own smoking habits -- be it classic cigarettes, vaping, or even marijuana in the age of legalization -- why they hide it from their partners and children, and what lengths they go to to keep their smoking secret.



How Fracking Can Cause Earthquakes

Last Friday's earthquake in New Jersey was likely a natural phenomenon, but earthquakes can be caused by human interventions -- like fracking. For our climate story of the week, Umair Irfan, staff writer at Vox writing about climate change and energy policy, breaks down how fracking and other natural resource extractions have increased the likelihood of earthquakes in the United States.



Tuesday Morning Politics: Abortion and the 2024 Election

Molly Ball, senior political correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, talks about the 2024 election and abortion in light of recent developments, including Donald Trump's announcement it should be up to the states and the court's decision to put abortion rights on the ballot in Florida.



Reactions to the Total Solar Eclipse

Listeners talk about their experiences of the total solar eclipse.



Covering Crime, Public Safety and the Cops

Harry Siegel, editor at The City, FAQ NYC podcast co-host, and Daily News columnist, responds to top police brass calling him names after he published critical columns, and talks about the substance of his critiques of the NYPD.



Changes to the Census Include People of Middle Eastern and North African Descent

Recently, the United States' census moved to recognize people of Middle Eastern and North African descent, creating a separate race and ethnicity option outside of 'White' and allowing for clearer representation. Karen Zraick, reporter for The New York Times, explains the changes to the census coming in six years, how people of MENA navigated government forms previously, and why these changes are coming now.



Prepping for the Eclipse

Molly Webster, senior correspondent for Radiolab, previews the eclipse and offers a thought on why the moon deserves credit in this cosmic event.



Jobs, Trade & Politics

Megan Cassella, CNBC Washington correspondent, talks about Friday's jobs report, Treasury Sec. Yellen's trip to China, and other national political and economic news.