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Driving Out Rent-Regulated Tenants

A landlord attorney recently spoke at a Brooklyn real estate gathering and offered what amounted to a guide to evicting rent-protected tenants. Will Parker, researcher at The Real Deal, reports on her presentation, and Emily Goldstein, senior campaign or


 2016-06-20  21m

What You Can Do To Help the Ongoing Refugee Crisis

On World Refugee Day, David Miliband, president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, discusses the ongoing global refugee crisis. Miliband says there's a massive gap in rhetoric between Syrian refugees as dangerous outsiders and who these fleei


 2016-06-20  20m

Four Gun Bills Enter Senate, Zero Expected to Pass

There are four gun-related bills up for a vote in the Senate, and none are expected to pass Susan Page, Washington bureau chief of USA TODAY, discusses the latest on the gun bills and offers analysis of the latest from the presidential campaigns and Wash


 2016-06-20  34m

What Does a Good Father Look Like?

Doyin Richards, founderof the blog Daddy Doin' Work and author of I Wonder: Celebrating Daddies Doin' Work (Feiwel & Friends, 2016), discusses the assumptions people make about fathers based on their skin color, and the changing nature of fatherhood.


 2016-06-17  15m

Revisiting the Burger Court

The Supreme Court has been on our mind as we await decisions for a few cases that could have significant impact across the US. Linda Greenhouse, former Supreme Court reporter for the New York Times and the author of The Burger Court and the Rise of the J


 2016-06-17  13m

30 Issues: The Way Democrats Talk About Race

Michael Eric Dyson, writer for the New York Times and MSNBC political analyst, discusses how race has been addressed in politics by Democratic presidential candidates in the past and why he thinks Americans have a moral obligation to protest the Republic


 2016-06-17  26m

A British Goodbye?

Britons vote in a week whether to leave the E.U. ("Brexit") or to stay ("Remain"). John Cassidy, staff writer at the New Yorker, explains what's at stake for the countries involved, and the potential impact of Jo Cox's murder. @BrianLehrer NYC-based Brit


 2016-06-17  24m

Albany's "Big Ugly"

At the end of each legislative session, New York's lawmakers scramble to pass all the bills that not yet been acted on in what is sometimes called "The Big Ugly." Jimmy Vielkind, Albany bureau chief of Politico New York, rounds up the legislative pre-­su


 2016-06-17  30m

30 Issues | Week 10 Recap: Race and Rhetoric in American Politics

Catch up on what we learned during Week 10 of #30 Issues... Race has been a frequently recurring topic during this year's presidential, campaigns, sometimes explicitly, and sometimes less obviously. Hit "play" above to hear all of our #30Issues


 2016-06-17  n/a

Brian Lehrer Weekend: Presidents on Race, Claressa Shields, NYC Segregation

Three of our favorite segments from the week, in case you missed them. 30 Issues: A History of Politicians Talking About Race in America (First) | Claressa Shields is Back to Box at the Rio Olympics (Starts at 22:52) | When NYC School Segregation Gets Pe


 2016-06-17  47m