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The Council Response to the Mayor's Budget

As the negotiating begins, New York City Councilmember Julissa Ferreras-Copeland (representing Queens district 21 and Finance Committee Chair) reviews the differences between the Council budget and the mayor's version of the City budget. Councilmember Fe


 2016-04-06  16m

Sanders and Cruz Pull Double-Digit Victories in Wisconsin

Andrea Bernstein, Senior Editor for Politics & Policy for WNYC News, and Ken Vogel, chief investigative reporter at POLITICO, discuss the results of Wisconsin's presidential primary. Vogel's latest piece is about Trump's security force, which is diff


 2016-04-06  21m

High Stakes: Mayor Of Atlantic City Resists State Takeover

Once a grand seaside destination, Atlantic City is almost completely out of money. "It used to be that more than 80 percent of our taxes came from casinos. Those days are long gone," said Mayor of Atlantic City, Don Guardian. Since 2010 Atlantic City has


 2016-04-05  15m

A Panama Papers Primer

James Henry, investigative economist and lawyer and senior fellow at the Columbia University Center On Sustainable Investment and author of The Blood Bankers: Tales from the Global Underground Economy and the forthcoming The Pirate Bankers (Basic Books,


 2016-04-05  22m

A Growing Sentiment: 'This Isn't the America I Grew Up In'

"This isn't the America I grew up in." That's something we're starting to hear more and more these days, and not just from older white Americans but from black Americans too, said Juan Williams. Williams, a Fox News political analyst and the author of We


 2016-04-05  21m

Hot Debate: Should Corporations Get Government Subsidies?

Should corporate subsidies be eliminated? Here to debate: Jack Abramoff, former top DC lobbyist who served 43 months in prison for corruption and author of Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America's Most Notorious Lobby


 2016-04-05  16m

Speaking for Bernie

This conversation is part of a series of interviews with representatives of each of the 2016 candidates. Click here to see more. Robert Becker, Bernie 2016 deputy national field director, talks about the Sanders campaign. Cat (with a 'C') donated $5 to S


 2016-04-05  34m

Kasich Supporters Speak Out

Listeners who are planning to vote for John Kasich in the New York primary call in to make their case. @BrianLehrer OH relatives: #Kasich is wolf in sheep's clothes balanced budget by cutting services; biz, estate taxes — KO'D (@K


 2016-04-05  16m

Hillary Clinton's Press Secretary

This conversation is part of a series of interviews with representatives of each of the 2016 candidates. Click here to see more. Brian Fallon, Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton for America, spoke on behalf of the Clinton Campaign. Fallon said Sanders h


 2016-04-04  21m

Testing Testing: Opting Out Is 'Trendy,' But Is It Fair?

Standardized testing begins this week for students in grades 3 through 8, who will be taking ELA (English Language Arts), starting on Tuesday. The math exams begin next week. And as testing season begins so does the familiar battle between those parents


 2016-04-04  23m